Is there a connection between the violence in film/media and self sabotage? Yes there is and it’s concrete. Self sabotage is about wanting to take action on something pertinent and then sitting and doing nothing instead. So what does that have to do with say a violent movie at the cinema? (the SIN-e-ma)

There’s a mechanism called facilitation/inhibition and it’s activated several hundred times during any movie, TV show etc. What that means is say for example, there’s a scene in a movie where a young boy is drowning. It’s proven that the mind doesn’t understand the difference between fake reality (images on a screen) and true reality (a boy drowning in real life). That’s why sometimes everyone in a theater jumps out of their seats a bit during a scary scene or everyone has a good cry when the lovers finally reunite etc. That means the mind thought what it was viewing was real and that’s what our human farmers love about all the screens. The mind thinks everything it sees is real and the metabolism has the exact same chemical reactions (and changes) compared to seeing the same event in real time.

So when you see a boy drowning on the movie screen, your body wants you to get up and save the boy, but you force yourself to ignore those signals and sit instead. Your body wants to fight the terrible monster on the screen (or run away) but you force yourself to ignore those signals and sit. This process ends with FACILITATION (the body wanting to take action) and then INHIBITION, you forcing your body to sit and do nothing. This happens hundreds of times during the viewing of any TV show or Hollywood film. The end result equates to lifting weights every day. The muscles exercised get stronger and stronger and stronger. In short order your social engineers have programmed you through negative emotional stimuli in their media (purposely of course), to sit and ignore every natural signal to take action in your own life. Facilitation, inhibition. Facilitation, inhibition. Get up, take action but do nothing instead. Get up, take action but do nothing instead. That’s self sabotage and it’s a program in your head, put there by your human farmers in many cases. Not all cases….but many. The more you watch TV and movies, the stronger this effect.

This ends with a person seeing themselves gain weight and they want to change, but they sit and do nothing. This means a person hates their job but they sit and do nothing. This means while a person knows that ice cream is bad, they shove it in their mouth anyway. This means a patient knows that their doctor is killing them with toxic medications yet they keep going back because they can’t take appropriate action anywhere in their own lives. This person sits and complains about what they don’t want, but can’t take any concrete action on what they do want… you find that all they do is complain. Facilitation…inhibition. I told you our social engineers were very clever at controlling you in ways that you know little about. Power to the people. Become more. Once you know how the magic show works, the magic show will shut down and our world can start to heal.