In my new book called “The Tricks – How You’re Manipulated Into Your Worst Life and How To Fight Back“, I’ve dedicate an entire chapter to the public education system. Not only is the history of public education not taught to teachers themselves, there’s certainly few documents (if any) regarding the subject to be found inside the public school libraries. That’s the entire point. All public education is hand picked for an end result that not many are aware of. I have to admit that I was already well researched in the other chapters for my book yet had still dedicated an entire chapter to public education, even though my knowledge on the subject was lacking the depth I have in the other areas.

What I discovered was that our entire education system is derived from the education structure invented in the state of Prussia. (mid 1800’s) Before this time there was no formal education system per say, where the public were forced to send their children to school or where the general public even believed the state could do a better job at raising the children than their own families. The idea that the state would mandate ownership of the children for the majority of the working day to learn subjects that were decided on by the state was not only illogical and not beneficial to the family (or the children) that idea held the potential to insight mass violent revolt because the general public was always on guard when the state tried to enforce its’ will on the general populace. This is why the elite of Prussia had to use force, punishment and threat of extreme violence to move this system forward.

The elite of Prussia thought it best to organize the human resources of the country (the people themselves were looked at like sheep and other resources) in such a way that the elite controlled everything the general population were taught and therefore could predict their behavior with extreme accuracy. This accuracy boiled down to a new form of control over the population, disguised as education. Children would be taught only what benefited the elite. Children would be taught just enough so they could accomplish the most menial tasks but never enough where they could operate independently of state control. Conformist behavior was always encouraged. Critical thinking was discouraged and the entire system of reward and punishment would come in the form of marks and other subtle (yet effective) mind control techniques. The skill of repeating without question or resistance would be awarded the best marks in order to groom the children for an adult life where repeating what the state said was essential to developing a fully controlled state structure.

Children in school were to be constantly supervised so that they could rarely operate independently of supervision. Heavily supervised children actually lose their ability to operate independently over time, always looking toward the authority figure for how to proceed hour by hour. This was the goal. Sit and be inactive when orders were absent and work vigorously when state orders were given by the supervisor. Children were to get very used to not having free time so they never knew what it was like to develop their own personality and individuality. Being one with the collective was key. Free thought, critical thinking and individuality could not be harnessed to serve the state. Conforming to the demands of the person supervising and tailoring one’s behavior to what was expected was the most important lesson a child was supposed to learn, even on break where they would still be constantly monitored.

The children who displayed the least intelligence, repeated what ever they were taught without resistance or question, and it was these repeaters who were set to receive the most praise, admiration and positive re-informant. The least intelligent were to be deemed the most intelligent. These non thinking repeaters were groomed for higher positions in the state like doctors, government officials etc where thinking about their directives would spell instant disaster for the state itself. The most intelligent students, the ones who directly were aware of the trap or openly questioned an allegiance to such tyranny, were graded poorly and punished socially as well. Intelligent people who can see the scam operating in plain sight and with ease could never be risked to acquire any disposal capital, which they may invest to spread the truth about the system itself. Keeping the most intelligent of the population working the lowest paying jobs and rewarding the repeating “non-intelligent” students is what the system was designed for. The teachers would not be able to see this as well because they would have been sorted using the same system.

Prussia went on to start 2 of the 3 largest wars in world history and acquired huge amounts of wealth, without having a large population or having any tangible natural resources. What was Prussia’s strength? How did Prussia generate wealth without having much of anything? The Prussian elite groomed a population of followers and repeaters through forced public schooling to execute a vision that had no benefit what so ever for the greater population who was executing the vision. The technology was mass mind and thought control via the public education. It didn’t matter if what the Prussian elite wanted was immoral or dangerous for the general population, the natural laws that govern our safe behavior could be easily bulldozed by cleverly designed mind control techniques instituted in the public education system. What ever the elite wanted would be injected into the public school system and out would pop a large group of young adults programmed to execute that exact task, without question or resistance.

Of course other countries were scrambling to investigate this new weapon Prussia had developed and it was called mandatory public schooling. The basics are the same as are used today and it’s easy to see the conformist application still in effect….even in our area. Click here to read about a young girl in Quebec who wore an Ottawa Senators NHL hockey jersey to school when it was Montreal Canadians NHL hockey jersey day. She was sent home to change by school officials. Many teachers, parents and on lookers don’t understand the dark history behind such treatment of our children and how conforming to the crowd, “going along to get along” and not questioning state directives is the exercise of such theme days. Break the will of the children. Have the children execute ridiculous commands so that no commands sound ridiculous in the future. Theme days operate at many schools, disguised as fun but again this was part and parcel of the Prussian system where most of the important curriculum is hidden between the lines. There is gum day, pizza day, give money to charity day, super hero day, hat day etc etc. All extracted from the Prussian system to break the true thinking capacity of the children and to develop a state of mindless operation.

On the outside this highlighted theme day appears to be about hockey (the theme day where the girl got sent home for wearing the WRONG jersey), which is fun and played frequently by people in Canada but that’s the hook. The real programming that goes on inside a child’s mind is about fitting in with the crowd, bending to social pressure, investing one’s assets into presenting what the state wants to see (I’m sure many parents who couldn’t afford hockey jersey’s purchased them anyway and in that the parents are also being taught to conform), never questioning the orders of the state, following instead of leading, losing your identity, taking on the competitive nature of the sport of hockey itself and also learning the punishment, social embarrassment, shame, guilt, suffering etc of going against what the state mandated that day. (actually sending the young girl home when she wore another hockey jersey, started to think independently and mocked the state sanctioned theme day) The other children must be witness to the punishment that awaits any student who thinks for themselves and moves against the state directives.

The theme days always change and are regular events in many schools so that school administrators can target the non-conformists. Government administrators can then identify the children who are not conforming to the theme days and ramp up the social pressure or poor performance evaluations, as instituted in the Prussian system because those children are the real well tuned thinkers and are considered dangerous to the state. If the the real thinkers don’t conform, the bad marks given to them will either disempower them on a spiritual level or make sure their chances of acquiring high incomes are minimalized. Thinkers with monetary resources are especially dangerous to the system so they need the low paying jobs to minimize the risk.

So basically many of your kids are in this system and you may have already gone through it yourself. The government is still today telling children and the parents of these children that their kids are smart and highly intelligent……..for repeating exactly what the children are told without question, without resistance and without any signs of rebellion toward the system. Parents then re-enforce the children’s behavior themselves with at home reward systems, becoming a micro governing unit of the child…..just on a smaller scale and at a different location. The children deemed smart by the state have no clue, direct or indirect, about what’s really occurring. Not even a gut feeling. Nothing. A good solider sits, repeats and injects no critical thinking. The parents of the children who rebel or protest such mind control tactics on gut feelings alone and who won’t jump through hoops for marks, social encouragement, positive reinforcement etc are told they’re not as intelligent as the repeaters. The Prussian school structure is a sorting system to produce the next generation of state employees free of critical thinking and to develop the next generation of order takers……….as well as tricking an entire generation of critical thinkers into believing they’re no better than a life of flipping burgers or stocking shelves in order to keep monetary resources away from them just in case they start using their wealth to tell the truth about the system.

Inside our current system, the government will often pay a person a monthly allowance to sit at home and do nothing, called welfare, social assistance etc. This way the government can still disable critical thinkers even further from executing their critical thinking skills and control their means of support simultaneously. If someone on welfare gets out of line, if they happen to have a working mind after sitting around and getting paid to rot into nothing, the government can still pull the monthly payment to control that segment of the population. Money is a form of control. When the government is paying a person anything, welfare or salary, chances are that person is being controlled and asked to look the other way in regards to what is right and just.

Unfortunately the truth is not a pleasant one. If someone received good grades in public school, they most likely were herded into state positions ranging from medical professional to educator and from military positions to government bureaucracy. On another unfortunate note, the pay being given out in these positions have little (if anything) to do with the marks that person received in school, skill etc and is more likely tied directly to how well that person is willing to repeat and execute things that they’re told by state authorities further up the flag pole. Critical thinking isn’t part of these positions and that’s what this article is about. Why is every single government institution producing debt, inefficiency and dysfunction on a catastrophic scale? The reason for mass governmental debt is also discussed in my new book and it has to do with how inefficient systems produce debt for groups that loan additional money to failing systems. Government systems are inefficient by design, fabricated to produce massive debt that further enslaves the population and this is why repeaters are crucial operators of such systems. Our government is literally destroying the society it operates in and our schooling systems are powering the entire operation with a non-questioning, non-resistant, fully compliant work force.

As a side note, the health of both the burger flippers and state controlled staffers often suffer terribly. The burger flipper knows whole heartedly they are highly intelligent and can’t understand why they are living such a minimal existence, when they are capable of so much more. This truth eats away gradually at their health. The government repeater also suffers dramatic negative health affects under this system because on a spiritual and soul level, the body understands that most of what is asked of them isn’t going to produce the mandated results that are required. Government systems are designed to fail and produce inefficiency plus massive loads of debt. The health care system produces disease. The justice system protects criminals. Our armies produce more threats and decrease peace. The education system destroys intelligence etc. Working inside a system designed to produce negative results will destroy someone’s health. The #1 profession for suicide are medical doctors because they are actually programmed to hurt people for money, in the name of health. Either the conscious mind of doctors awakens to see this truth or the doctor’s subconscious mind becomes aware of it……..either way this contradictory way of making a living is tied directly to the suicide rates of medical doctors.

The end result served by this Prussian school structure is inherently evil and designed to control the lower classes with an iron fist, for the benefit of a choice few. Repeaters or burgers flippers, few will enjoy the capital, wealth and freedom of the parties who organize the original structure. Take a medical doctor for example, their position requires the most time under the structure of repeating. (and not questioning) This is important given their true role inside the bigger system. All medical doctors are well aware that little (if anything) they do improves the health of their patients but they’re taught that patients getting more sick, patients taking more drugs and patients getting more surgeries while using standard learned protocols is the best they can do. An entire structure titled “health care” but no healthy outcomes. In order for this structure to survive, no critical thinking persons are permitted and this is why the school systems are designed the way they are. Every patient a conventional medical doctor sees only become less healthy under their care, yet the doctors literally believe they are highly skilled health care professionals. This reflects the extreme mind control techniques that are in play right now within our society, derived out of our public education system. Click here to see just how many people these “health care professionals” are killing and not noticing.

Click here to view a video on the history of our school system. (moving to minute 6 can get things moving ahead with the facts) The interview is with historical researcher and teacher John Taylor Gatto. John Taylor Gatto won teacher of the year in NY City and NY State.

Click here for another video regarding the history of our school system. This one is even more revealing.