Interesting communication rolls in from a concerned pharmacist tonight, who is started to chip away at the matrix of control, from the inside.

Hello Jason,

I’m sorry to bother you but wondering if you can help me out. We have never met but I do follow you on Facebook. I really enjoy reading your posts and love what you do. My name is Janice and I live in Ontario. I’m a community pharmacist working for a big chain-pharmacy. I have a strong opinion about vaccines and their toxicities and have refused to immunize patients on the new set of vaccines that pharmacists are now certified to inject (Hep A/B, shingles, HPV to name a few). I have 2 young children who we have not vaccinated and I feel anxious and sick to my stomach with the thought of having to inject more poisons into others. I’ve been a pharmacist for 17 years now and this was not the job I signed up to do. (I’m currently looking for a change in career but realistically need another year or so before I can leave where I am). I’ve recently been told that if I refuse to vaccinate patients upon their request that I’ll be written up which will lead to me being fired. To make a long story short, I need your assistance in finding the international injection consent form (sorry I don’t know exactly what it’s called) which states that anyone injecting a vaccine to another person must provide them with the package insert to read prior to injecting the poison. I’ve seen you mention that a few times but cannot find anything when I search. FYI No pharmacist I know or work with does this. They don’t provide informed consent, regarding the fact that vaccines can kill instantly or cripple the patient for life.

Thank you in advance……….Janice

I provided this link to Janice regarding informed consent in Canada, which most health professionals refuse to offer their patients, even though it’s standard medical protocol across the world and a basic human right guaranteed by the Geneva Convention. Did your health professional tell you that each vaccine is listed legally to have the potential to kill or cripple you or your children? If not they’re breaking international medical law. If they didn’t offer you informed consent before ANY vaccinations, it means those people breaking the law are also injecting DOCUMENTED poisons into you and your children…..poisons that are documented legally to carry the potential to kill and cripple. You might want to start paying attention. At this added link over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists risk everything to explain that vaccine science is fraudulent on every level possible, no exceptions. You are being hunted. Protect yourself.