Hollywood Movie Star. Aidan Quinn, explains how vaccines instantly brain damaged his daughter upon injection. This isn’t a chance happening or rare reaction, this is the designed intent of all vaccinations. All vaccines are proven to cause brain damage in all children, no exceptions. It takes 70% brain damage in one area of the brain for physical symptoms to become noticeable by a caregiver or parent. Each vaccine either moves the child toward that 70% threshold or brings them to it immediately, like it did to Aidan Quinn’s daughter. ALL vaccines brain damage ALL children, no exceptions. Proven and documented by the medical doctor at this added link. http://bit.ly/2Ah6GjH If you or your child have been vaccinated, you all have been purposely diminished by a group of ruling families who masquerade as your altruistic governments. This group controls your schools and media, so you believe that they are your guardians, when the truth is that they benefit directly from your destruction and disease. You and your children are being hunted by forces that are ancient and sinister. Your perpetual crisis and dysfunction is a business model. At this added link over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists go to great lengths to try and warn you about the hidden dangers of vaccines. http://bit.ly/2i4N6zG Awaken or perish. You’re in extreme danger and the only solution is to educate yourself, regarding the state sponsored “soft kill” stealth euthanasia campaign being covertly conducted against you and your family. Medicine, science, government and media work together daily to convince you that the poisoning of yourself and your children is health care. The wolf is in the hen house and the culling of the uninformed is well underway.