Imagine 2 children in school who both repeat the lie regarding Christopher Columbus discovering America. Both children are rewarded for lying, both look at each other and believe each is truthful (and sane) because both repeated the same lie, strengthened with a form of reward by authority. This mental infection spreads through others in the class room where people who didn’t repeat the same lie receive punishment (a lesser grade) and therefore work harder in the future to repeat without verifying truth, so they in turn can receive the positive reinforcements they observed the liars receive. The punishment for not repeating the lie comes in the form of bad grades, the first demonetization application a human will be conditioned with, for not repeating what authority declares as truth.

This goes on to a point where truth fades away, to be replaced by the switch blade reflex of repeating, with the simple understanding that repeating monetizes/rewards and that anything other than repeating demonetizes or punishes.

This can end potentially with a group of people working in a government installation, which claims itself part of a health care system. This system only applies poisoning, cutting and burning to already sick people and those “already sick people” are sick because another lie system (outside the health care center) encourages people to apply self hatred and self abuse to themselves with every form of ingested poison one can place their hands on. Each person inside the health care system repeats the same monetized lie and feels sane inside the insanity because the person next to them is telling the exact lie and being rewarded to do so. The truth becomes inconsequential inside a system that simply rewards compliance, mimicking and following. In fact since the truth of what it takes to actually make a human healthy (you can’t poison sick people back to health), the truth becomes the sworn enemy of the lie based system. As medical poison and butchering surgeries are applied and each patient ends up sicker than before, the brain of the programmed participant is conditioned to keep repeating the lie in contradiction to the observable evidence, and more poisons and death protocols are applied. The patients are killed prematurely, each in succession, because personal reward has replaced logical and rational thought. A death of truth occurs because of an inverted system and a death cult rises in its’ place. These are the designed consequences of a system that rewards repeating, which is the opposite of applying logical thought and observable feedback, to solve a society’s problems. Never has so much effort been placed forward in human history, to perpetuate a system, which is literally designed to destroy the society in which it operates. The most famous public school teacher in our modern time explains…..