After researching trauma based mind control, it became obvious that sleep deprivation, undernourishment, chemicals/drugs, fear, death and peer pressure where extremely powerful modalities used to get trauma victims to “rent” their minds out to the person or entity inflicting the trauma. After studying how medical doctors were educated, all the dots started to connect.

Conventional medical doctors are often trained as residents within 24-36 hour shifts, the hospitals themselves (and medical doctrine) discount nutrition and serve chemically laden non foods, fear of failure is high and of course blood/death is all around the medical profession. Caffeine is one of the most powerful sedative drugs, which is able to open the psyche up for manipulation and many doctors live on coffee during their training. Most medical doctors also display the characteristics associated with PTSD or trauma based mind control, in that they actively ignore the damage they’re doing to their patients with toxic drugs and mutilating surgeries, which means their empathy has been toned down (if not removed), which in turn reflects the documented results of trauma based mind control.

Saying all that, we have medical researcher Jeanice Barcelo interviewing a medical doctor, who agrees with everything I’ve tabulated above……and more. Nothing works the way we’re taught it works. Medical doctors aren’t intelligent (as we’re lead to believe) but are in fact groomed to be good repeaters and they’re doing things to others humans…..that no one should be doing, which is poisoning humanity back into the stone age. The doctors themselves would be the least able to see this because they’ve been railroaded through a system designed to instill reflective obedience to authority and sharpen psychopathic tendencies via fear and trauma. The human was always the first programmable computer and whom ever is programming the population at this very moment, has grave intentions for every living thing on this planet. Reject the poison and shut the system down through non violent, non participation.