Sometimes health officials require unvaccinated nurses to wear masks, to work around patients…..but how much sense does that really make? Let’s say vaccines work (which they’ve never been proven to do) but lets pretend for 5 minutes that getting a vaccine does exactly what we’re told it does (which it doesn’t) but humor me for now.

Let’s take a nurse who was vaccinated compared to a nurse who’s unvaccinated? Does the vaccinated nurse have a force field around them now, as to kill any and all viruses that land on them? No, vaccination doesn’t work like that……..the vaccinated nurse can be carrying the exact same viral load on them, as compared to the unvaccinated nurse. Does the vaccinated nurse now have super blood, made uninhabitable to viruses, because of the vaccine? No again…. because being immune to a virus doesn’t mean your body is clear of the virus, it just means the virus doesn’t generate on a system wide immune reaction. Saying that, the virus can still occupy the body of all vaccinated people, even if they’re not sick themselves. So in the end, the unvaccinated nurse and the vaccinated nurse, still carry similar viral loads on them and inside of them, while interacting with patients.

Now the truth of the flu vaccine by Dr. John Bergman below. The vaccines don’t work at all because you can’t inject health into anyone (with poisons no less) and all vaccines (no exceptions) make people more sick than not taking them because all vaccines contain documented poisons as listed ingredients. Poisons don’t improve health. Poison doesn’t work like that. The act of asking a nurse to wear a mask is like watching a political debate….the lies are so numerous and so massive that you’ll never make head nor tails out of any of it.