In the ancient world they studied the physical environment to gain knowledge. During that study, scholars came across a force that existed but that wasn’t physical. This force did everything from hold the moon in the sky to helping birds migrate back to their birthing grounds with pin point accuracy and from helping a new born breast feed to the literal attraction force between two young lovers. That force was there, it was strong, it was powerful but it couldn’t be measured, it was invisible. The ancient scholars categorized this force as “the ether” or “the 5th element”. There were 4 physical elements, earth, water, fire, metal and the invisible 5th element. This collection of 5 elements, was often represented as a star. (5 points – 5 elements). It can also be represented by the E, the 5th letter of the alphabet.

What happened was that some evil people became more interested in the invisible realm, because it offered the ultimate way to manipulate and control someone else. If you could make a person do what you wanted them to do, but they had no idea you were controlling them because your control was invisible, everything would appear as free will and the manipulator would always get their way. The ancients who started to master the control of the invisible started to be known as sorcerers or black magicians. These people, although few, became the most feared and despised people in the Middle East, where all this developed originally. As word got around, these groups were run out of modern day Egypt, Iraq etc……driven further and further North in retreat.

This small group then vowed to make everyone pay, to one day return home to the land in the Middle East they considered “their own” and to actually use their magic skills in a way where they would make others accomplish their goals for them. Such a venture would be bloody and it would take a while, but this group wouldn’t do a thing other than manipulate others to accomplish this goal. That’s how magic works. There’s a spell caster and then there are the people that the spell is cast upon. The people caught in the magic do exactly as instructed by the magician, who sits and literally does nothing. So this group still sits in a room today, spinning their magic and they’re almost back home in the Middle East. Millions are dying to accomplish this illegal goal, yet the magicians orchestrate all this from the comfort of their mansions abroad.

Anger is invisible. Rage is invisible. Revenge is invisible. Courage, victory, valor, glory, patriotism, masculinity, pride etc etc……all invisible, all very powerful emotions to control with the right situation, to make other humans get up and return to this ancient homeland and re-take this ancient home land for these black magicians, thousands of years later. How does a couple people in a room today cast a spell on an entire nation, so that this nation unknowingly crosses the globe to take over that ancient land (killing themselves in the process) and gives back that conquered land to the ancient sorcerers….without the black magicians lifting one finger? What spell could be powerful enough to get regular people to spend their own lives and money, to go take over to a foreign land and then to give that conquered land back to someone else? That spell is talked about below and that’s how magic works folks. The black magicians drive your invisible emotions to a boiling point and then direct that invisible force toward a target of their choosing. Emotion is a magic word as well, meaning e-motion and we know from above that the letter “e” is a symbol for magic or the 5th element. E-motion means “magic in motion” and it is our emotions that are manipulated by the black magicians, so we get really motivated to do their dirty work. They cast a spell, we do the work, they get what they want, we think it was all free will, everyone goes home happy….until the next time another spell is cast, because complete domination of every living soul on the planet is the end goal of this group.

As a side note, go back up to the top of the this article and look hard at the picture there. Look at the top of the buildings that still stand. See anything odd about the formations on the top of the buildings that were not attacked? Leave your comment below……….