I don’t drink, do drugs, eat junk, take medications or engage in any toxic behaviors because by honoring myself……..I also honor my family and my tribe. The children of today are less prepared for the future than at any other time in human history and even though that’s an orchestrated design of our corrupted system…….that’s a fact. When this fact is combined with the statistic that parents are now dying earlier and earlier (because they’ve been tricked into thinking that self destructive hedonistic pleasure equates to living the good life)…….most children are literally sitting ducks to be colonized by the new world order, run by our planet’s most mentally imbalanced citizens. Families are also under attack via a covert media agenda which promotes sex as pleasure. The selling of sex as pleasure is intended to destroy the love union and family creation model, which has kept families together for all of recorded history. When humans engage in the “sex as pleasure” model, children are often conceived unwanted, unplanned and this is where the seeds of child neglect and family destruction are sown. It’s time humanity dug in its’ heels and recognized the sinister agenda that rains down from the corrupted government, media, science, medical, banking, education and military based pyramids of control. If we don’t rule ourselves morally and responsibly, we in turn will be ruled by others who hunger for power, in order satisfy their darkest desires.

The ultimate act of love is staying healthy, in order to steer your children away from the future storms that are purposely manufactured for them. Love is a verb. I could do and buy most anything I want in the world but I only buy what I need. I sit quietly, staying healthy and planning, knowing that my daughter will need a warrior next to her, for a very long time to come. I take this responsibility as the very reason I was placed here on this planet and I will be there for her, until a very old age. Health, strength and intelligence are my weapons of choice. May the courage find others to do the same. Health is wealth. Power to the people. Protect your children. It’s only within a cocoon of family love and protection (with two healthy, vital and intelligent parents) will the child grow into a true adult, who then in turn will lead our tribe into a successful future.