I’ve been in the fitness business since I was 14 years old but like many in that business, I knew nothing about health when I started, even though I gave that impression to most people I would come into contact with. I looked healthy and “exercised” yet I was a human mess on the inside and that inside mess always spilled “outside”, if you happened to be around me long enough. This is also why it was hard to keep long term relationships because the entire goal was to keep interactions with others very short, so they would never discover how much of a mess I truly was. Everyone knows my story by now I believe, how I fully recovered and reconnected with what was truly important in life…….morality, health, ethics, helping others, being a good guardian of the earth, being a protector of the children, being a better partner, being a good Dad etc etc. When people ask me today what’s the most important thing to work on if they want to make a big change in their lives……….I’ll always tell them, “self sabotage coaching needs to come first before anything else….before diet, before exercise, before studying for a new career, before starting a new relationship, before ending an old relationship, before trying to quit an addiction, before everything”.

I just finished one of my last self sabotage coaching sessions last night (via Skype) with a lady from Alberta. (I take the summers off) She was literally blown away when I reviewed the self sabotage questionnaire, which was sent to her. Reviewing the questionnaire with her was simple and easy. That one questionnaire uncovered 2 of her major self sabotaging behaviors. With that accomplished, we then went on to review why humans do such things and what needed to be done to overcome the self sabotage we had highlighted. She was laughing and crying, all at the same time, simply because she was so confused as to why she couldn’t see it all before……..it was so obvious, hiding in plain sight. She was also so happy that she could now see everything clearly. Her issues (and the solutions) were always there (out in the open) yet she needed new eyes on the job, to bring some clarity as to why she was literally stuck in her stuckness. I’m working toward an on line version of my entire self sabotage coaching process, being released Nov 2018. If you would like access to this on line course when it’s complete, just private message me your e-mail address. I’m now off to Greece to recharge, so the best of me and my knowledge finds its’ way to you and your family. Thank you for the continued support.