Talking to a lady last week about how she didn’t want to go to the hospital……but did anyway. She didn’t want to talk to the doctor……..but did anyway. Didn’t want to take the toxic drugs…..but did anyway. Doesn’t want to eat shit food and drink toxic booze or consume brain destructive coffee………but does anyway. Never wanted to marry an alcoholic like her father…..but did anyway. Hates being fat………but is fat anyway. Not realizing the very obvious patterns in her life, she asked…. “so what’s really going on here?” and I replied “do you want the real truth and I mean the REAL TRUTH?” and she said “by all means”. So I told her the simple truth very few want to hear.

“We always manifest the life we believe we deserve and the life we know is safer. This is hard for people to take or even understand on a psychological level. From going into the doctor and taking the toxic drugs and from being overweight to picking a shitty life partner, these are reflections of the subconscious……regarding what we believe we deserve and what we’ve been taught is the “safe route to take”. You’ve been taught (as we all have) that being a complete fucking human mess is safer than being an empowered, healthy and fully functioning adult. Our subconscious influences our conscious life until it sees itself in the mirror. Unless you make the subconscious, conscious……..your need for safety and your desire to fulfill your illogical programming will drive your life bus right into the ditch, each day, every day. Unless you make your repressed subconscious, conscious….. and unless you change what you think you deserve, you’ll always get back to the same destination, although you’ll take many different roads to get there. You’re seeking out everything shitty in life because you know you won’t be attacked in our corrupt society when you’re shitty and you also know that our inverted society smiles upon you when you live out a dis-empowered and shitty existence. If you’re a complete failure and act as a perpetual infant, you fit in and are accepted in our rotten society, because you don’t threaten anyone when you’re a mess. It’s right in front of you everyday, but you repress what you know under the water line, because it’s not safe in our society to do anything else but be a walking and talking shit show. Here’s the big secret…….there’s no safety in being a human mess, it’s a lie. It’s a trap. an ambush, an agenda that makes you easier to rule, manipulate, steal from and control. Break out of it. Bring what you know to the surface and stop repressing your true intelligence. You’re infected with a North American mind virus. Remove the virus from your mental hard drive and stop repressing what you know is true, just to fit in with the other people leading shitty lives around you.”

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