The usual UK controlled players on the masonic chess board (the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel) are coordinating another sacrifice of American lives in Iran, as America was always designed hundreds of years ago to be the enforcement arm (and personal assassins) of the ruling 1%, operating out of Britain.

The reason the UK aristocracy wants to reclaim and re-enter the Middle East is because it was these exact families who were banished from the middle easy thousands of years ago, because they represent the most dangerous and evil cult the world has ever known. A cult based on war, terror, trauma based mind control, language based mind control, the drugging of their own citizens, narcotic production and distribution, (to be used against their own populations) polytheism (the honoring of multiple Gods), hedonistic sex principles (including pedophilia), child sacrifice, theft, the use of public policy to sharpen psychopathic tendencies in their own citizens and they are the original workers of what’s known as the book of “Goetia”………which is a documented black magic ritual system of conjuring demons and evil spirits, for the accomplishment of goals related to their occult religion.

This cult’s next goal is to take back the Middle East by force (a place they call home), and their plan includes sacrificing as many uninformed American citizens to make that happen, in false flag triggered and fabricated conflicts around the world. In fact, within “The Goetia”, human sacrifice is required by the demons in order for the demons to arrange the invisible realm in favor of the cult and their evil goals. I’m not saying I believe in The Goetia, but this cult believes in it and sacrificing American service men and women is part of this covert religion, which is being openly practiced today by the highest ranking members of our own governments.