Visiting the Cineplex last night to watch Wonder Woman. Cineplex meaning sin-e-plex. Sin meaning against God or sine wave. The letter “e” being the Egyptian symbol for the star, the ether, “the 5” or the magic. E is the 5th letter of the alphabet (and the star as 5 points) and these symbols have powerful implications to our ancient social engineers.  The e is always regarded as the invisible force that controls visible things. Like when a group of women who live together start having their period at the same time or how a flock of birds can migrate long distances to the exact place where they were born. The invisible that controls the visible is the magic, the e, the ether, the star, the 5. Once our human farmers found out how to manipulate us through the magic long ago (in ways we can’t see), we became sitting ducks to convert control, coming literally out of no where. Today, the invisible magic, controls most (if not all) of our behaviors.

The “plex” in sin-e-plex means a cluster or central hub. So a sin-e-plex literally translates into a cluster of magic sins or a cluster of magic sine waves, designed to control others with the sine wave vibrations of sound and light. Movie means move-e, the movement of the “e” or the movement of the magic. All used to generate e-motion or e-lectricity. The full control of the energy magic, a historical way of controlling the thoughts, minds and energy of the public. Media (me-die-a) can be used for positive control of humans or negative. What it’s used for today should be obvious.

I enter the door that says “entrance” but of course my mind knows it reads “in trance” to the subconscious. GMO cancer causing popcorn oil (from GMO soy) flying into the uninformed citizenry, among the other sedative poisons consumed by a slave class desperately looking for an escape from their pain and emptiness. Everyone wants to see a hero because there are no heroic actions permitted inside the Hollywood/masonic/control grid, orchestrated by the ruling 1%. The fabricated emotions downloaded from the screen into the viewer, to pacify them, because research proves that that the mind can’t understand the difference between an image and if the event is happening in real time. This is why your heart beats fast at the movies or why you may jump out of your seat, because your mind reacts as if what’s being seen is real. These nervous system chemical reactions is the magic that our handlers use to control the human herd. The herd leaves content that good conquered evil again and that things are just fine. The chemical poisons in all the food served there, helps to format the viewer’s mind into alpha wave status for instant download of all the subliminal messages in the movie and the coming attractions. The coming attractions always being designed to program and format the mind, as much or more than the movie itself.

As I walk up to the cinema we see the rings of Saturn as the primary symbolism used in the decor, a tip of the hat to the ancient Cult of Saturn, who first mastered the art of fear and trauma based psychology… manage the mental state of the slave class. As I enter, it’s obvious that every movie is about death, fear, trauma, pain, loss and violence. No surprise there at all for me, so I make sure to keep my heart rate down as to not open the limbic centers of my nervous system, so the violent messages in the movie don’t penetrate my subconscious. This is also why even the children’s movies always open with the loss or death of one parent or guardian.……or one parent is absent, or the child is an orphan etc etc. Fear is the weapon used inside the light coming from the screen. I don’t sedate at all in my life because I want my eyes wide open (not eyes wide shut), so I don’t miss what clever programming our human farmers are trying to drive into my system. As I enter I also see the grid pattern on the outside of the building, tipping the hat to the ancient stories of how the earth is actually under quarantine, under a invisible and highly advanced prison grid in the sky, from which no one can escape because of an ancient evil force that was trapped here long ago. An evil force that certain people never wanted escaping off this planet. Just more stories the public are never told about,….but of course the symbolism is everywhere.

The corner stone of our culture is to make sure the slave class is sedated, medicated and distracted when they’re not at their unsatisfying job. Down time is necessary so the slave class doesn’t rebel against slave master but the slave could also use their free time to educate and empower themselves against the control grid during the weekend (weakened) or holidays. You need to pollute the mind and body of the slave and keep them out of the libraries when they’re free of their week day shackles. The week days are designed to keep the slave in a weak daze. This is what the movies are really for. Even the word holidays (pronounced hall-a-days) is about getting the slave into the hall (a building away from nature) and keeping them drunk/high/distracted/sedated when they aren’t slaving away down at the government or corporate plantation.

So the trailers start and everyone in theatre is shocked at how morbid and extremely disturbing all the coming movies are. I hear whispers and comments about just how negative and dark all the trailers are. They call them trailers because the images are meant as a “trail” for you to follow into the future, so you produce the future of chaos our human farmers desire. They’re called coming attractions because as you seem them, and knowing all humans mimic what they see, you will literally ATTRACT that future into reality. This is the magic, what the humans see on the screen, will be on the street in no time.

I’ve never heard such complaints about the trailers before and am encouraged that people are finding their collective voice. The word theatre as well is the-atre and atre is Latin for the hearth (a fire place) or the darkness. Theatre means “the-atre” or “the-darkness” and of course this applies on a physical and energetically level as well, as our social engineers have always conspired to keep us in the dark and also to take the place of the light, taking it away from the sun of God. (it was never the son of God……… was the sun of God…….the giver of light and everything that is good in the world).  As we sit away from what we need in the darkness (away from the sun, nature, our natural family, our natural roles as leaders) we’re taking in the fake light of our human farmers, which is scripted to program us for complete disaster.

The trailers are what you would expect for mind control purposes, extremely violent, used to access what called the human limbic system. The limbic part of the brain is the most primitive part of the mind, as it equates to lower than child IQ levels. Getting this part of the brain fired up before a program download is very important because the child part of the mind doesn’t think deeply, if at all, and goes exactly where are human sorcerers want to guide it without question or resistance. The junk food served before the movie starts also primes the limbic system by poisoning the body and triggering the flight or fight response. Fear is the key that shuts the higher functions of the brain down and opens the stunned, primitive, low IQ portion of the mind…….which is ripe for control, conditioning and programming.

The movie itself and several of the trailers (The Mummy) and (Atomic Blond) are stories of women in the roll as kick ass leader and killer, taking the roll of male in the story. THIS IS A MAJOR AGENDA. FOCUS PLEASE ON THIS AGENDA. The degradation of the male and the promotion of the female into roll as male, has very ancient slave based motivations. Click here to see a letter written in the late 1700’s describing how it’s best to enslave both male, female and the slave children. The key of course, described in this ancient slave making instructional document…………is all about destroying the idea of the male as protector.  Our human farmers are in control of the planet because they’re experts at  the trauma based mind control that produces slaves who take orders and who are reflexively obedient. This process has never changed century to century. Destroying the male and having the female take the roll as protector is GROUND ZERO in how slaves are produced on a psychological level.

In the movie trailer section as well there’s also a “cute” commercial about animated popcorn leaving the popcorn station at the concession stand and making their way into the theater……..and guess what? There are 4 pieces of popcorn, 3 male and 1 female. ……and the 3 males are crying (turning away from the screen) because the movie is too scary. The strong female looking right at the scary movie and comforting all 3 crying males.  SAME PROGRAMMING…………….SAME AGENDA. If you notice today as well, the males are extremely confused about what it means to be a male and of course are highly feminized, an army of confused beta males. And look at the women. Come on? How can anyone be missing the massive muscle bound, super aggressive, dominating females, who are in complete control of their beta male husbands and partners. BIG AGENDA. HUGE AGENDA. SLAVE AGENDA.

I will stop there because this is a long article. I will continue writing it if some comments appear below that request I continue…….