Just watched the movie “The Circle” and there’s so much blatant mind control in that film, even the least experienced in the alternate research community can pick it out. I don’t enjoy movies but sometimes I will sit with others and literally just be with them but also pick the movie apart in my mind.

One covert aspect of the movie was disease. The lead actor’s Dad had MS and the son of Tom Hanks had CP. (cerebral palsy) All the men in the movie wear portrayed as weak on some level, to be destroyed or saved by the female hero. This alone is a common theme in most Hollywood films today. This trend is tied to the disposable/hated/weak male agenda and the rise of female domination (to take the place of the weak beta male)….but that’s another post altogether. Guy’s are corrupt morons or weak……PUMPED OUT ALL DAY LONG IN HOLLYWOOD. Watch for that agenda, it’s beyond obvious.

MS is always painted as “genetic” in all Hollywood film because of course MS isn’t genetic. MS isn’t genetic or the people with MS would have MS from the very first day they’re born. If a disease is genetic and you have the same genes from day one, you’re sick from day one……..but none of these genetic diseases occur until long after we’re born and that’s because they’re not genetic. So this movie, like thousands of others, acts as a reinforcement wing for many other lies within the control grid. Lies need constant maintenance. This is the maintenance. At the link below, we see how mercury teeth fillings cause MS. http://bit.ly/2zdNCBX MS is also a listed side effect of some vaccines and that’s because the destruction of our nervous systems and brains is an orchestrated agenda against the slave class, with vaccines and mercury teeth fillings being only a choice few soft kill modalities of attack upon an uninformed public. Here are some other common brain damaging attacks on Joe and Jane Public at this added link. http://bit.ly/2CKoJUs

Then we have CP (cerebral palsy), which again is another Lady Gaga “Born That Way” lie based operation. A fake disease name provided to parents so they can explain why a vaccine poisoned child can’t walk or lacks full motor control of their neurological systems. Vaccines are heaped into the first year of life (26 vaccines suggested for infants under 1 in the US, 24 in Canada) because the agenda is to poison the infant into complete dysfunction before the parents can understand what exactly’s happening. When the medical poison does what medical poison is proven to do, the medical system throws out a fake disease name and moves on to the next victim, indoctrinating the parents to repeat the lies of known liars, in order to keep as many victims moving into abattoir as possible. Here at this added link a law suit pay out to parents of a child who developed CP after vaccination. http://bit.ly/1QBjOok You won’t hear that on the morning radio show because withholding information is how the control grid lays its’ sinister foundations. According to the newspaper, radio and TV……things are looking up and great things are happening in your community. YOU ARE BEING HUNTED. WAKE UP!