All 3 disorders listed above are signs of brain damage. So the question is, “What’s proven to damage our brains?” Once we know that, we can start repairing our broken brains and avoid destroying our brains on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Fluoride – fluoride is proven to cause brain damage at 2 ppm (parts per million) There is 1500 ppm of fluoride in fluoride toothpastes and over 15,000 ppm in fluoride applications received at a dentist’s office. If you brush your teeth daily with fluoride toothpaste, brain damage is a guarantee.

Alcohol – even moderate alcohol consumption has been proven to cause brain damage. Drinking weekly will bio accumulate into massive brain damage, over a lifetime.

Vaccination – mercury is still added to many vaccines and causes extreme and on going brain damage. Mercury is proven very hard to remove from the body, thus destroying brain tissue for years, even decades after vaccine injection. . The vaccine that contains the most mercury is the flu shot, often sought more by seniors, who have accumulated other forms of brain damage over their lifetime. As reviewed by the doctor at this added link, the flu vaccine is extremely dangerous for seniors to take. (as well as anyone else for that matter) Mercury teeth fillings are also a major contributor to brain damage and disease. If you happen to have mercury teeth fillings, ensure they are removed by a dentist certified by the governing body who made this added video. Mercury from these sources is the #1 cause of brain damage in the population today.

Aluminum – not only is aluminum another brain damaging substance found inside most vaccinations, aluminum hides in many other common products, which can destroy our brain. Aluminum foil is a big culprit, aluminum cookware another. There is also aluminum found in b-12 shots, the vitamin K shot and even IV drips. Aluminum injected under the skin causes extreme brain damage.

Coffee – 1 cup of caffeinated coffee cuts blood flow to the brain by over 50%. (52% exactly) This deprives the brain of oxygen, causing brain damage. Other sources of caffeine do the same. Chocolate, energy drinks, caffeine laced pre workout drinks, caffeine based teas, cola, diet cola etc etc. There are over 2000 over the counter and prescription medications that also contain caffeine.

MSG – this toxic food addictive literally causing brain cells (and other cells in the body to explode). MSG is extremely common in restaurant and processed foods. The government permitted MSG to be listed as other ingredients, as long as the MSG was mixed with that other ingredient. Who benefits?

Statin Drugs – statin drugs are cholesterol lowering medications (Lipitor, Crestor etc) but unfortunately you need cholesterol to make daily repairs to the brain. Statins also block a substance called co-enzyme Q10, which helps our brain cells power themselves. Statin drugs cause massive brain damage, already proven. Most medical patients are lied to about the medications they take, not just regarding statin drugs.

Junky Diets Too High in Sugar, High Glycemic Carbohydrates and Wheat – the vast majority of food today recommended by the USDA Food Pyramid and The Canadian Food Guide will cause a degradation of the brain tissue. What foods we’re continually told to eat from “official sources” have been proven obeseogenic and disease facilitators, as can be read about in this book.  Wheat especially and higher carb diets, are proven to cause extreme brain damage as is explained by this medical doctor.  If someone wants to stave off brain dysfunction as they age, they must move away from authority based tales of SCRIPTED fiction and move toward eating and living practices, proven to maximize health in all tissues of the body. Anyone wanting to explore healthy eating practices can first read this book.

As a health coach, I do see more and more brain damage in the population today, than 10 years ago. It takes approximately 70% damage to a particular area of the brain, for physical symptoms to be noticed by oneself or a guardian/caregiver. Tremors, memory loss, slurred speech, uncoordinated body movement, eye movements that are erratic and poorer eye sight are all early warning signs that someone is approaching that 70% threshold. Other items that cause brain damage are sugar, diets that contain higher glycemic carbohydrates, omega 6 fats/oils common in processed foods (canola, soy, safflower, sunflower, corn, all margarines), cell phone and cordless phones held to the head, smoking, all medications and all other unnatural chemicals.

As for the solutions for reversing any form of brain damage (including very extreme cases like Autism and late onset Parkinson’s etc) please click here to register yourself for a brand new 8 part series from Dr. Mark Hyman (and others) called The Broken Brain Documentary Series.

The quickest solution for repairing a broken brain, before you get more extensive information from the documentary listed above, would be a complete halt to every insult listed, plus an immediate infusion of healthy fats into the diet. Healthy fats are from nuts, avocados, coconut oil, organic butter from pasture raised animals, omega 3 fish oils and organic meats from wild game or pasture raised organic animals. There of course are many more advanced protocols to apply but do that first and then seek out the documentary above for more information.