The body is designed to provide a rush of tranquilizing feel good chemicals when the owner of the body lives a meaningful and adventurous life. Everyone has experienced this chemical rush when traveling. You turn a corner and gaze over a brand new and breath taking vista, inside a foreign land…….and your body gives you this rush that says “WOW, this is living!” That WOW feeling of dopamine and other excitatory chemical reactions are supposed to reward you for getting off the couch and really living your life as an adventurous, courageous and energetic human being. Addictions destroy this sort of “reward for human greatness system” because they provide you the same chemical dopamine hits when you’re sitting on the couch, doing absolutely nothing.

So instead of doing what humans have done for all of recorded history and beyond (moving forward in an adventurous way) the person who self medicates with dopamine generating chemicals experiences the same metabolic rush as they sit and rot, doing nothing meaningful with themselves. Addictions are chemical adventures for the lazy people in our society and those same chemicals are great for our social engineers, as they make all slaves extremely comfortable inside their slavery.

The most common dopamine generating chemicals consumed today are caffeine (coffee), alcohol, sugar, flour, nicotine, processed junk food, narcotics, medical sedatives and THC. When you want to run a human slave farm and you need to make sure that the people imagine they’re living a full satisfying life (inside a slave camp where they have no real freedoms) these substances are essential for keeping rebellion from entering the chemically altered brains of the slaves. If reality won’t provide the natural feel good emotions, you pump in fake emotions, generated by chemicals. The way the brain works is simple. The more of these fake feel good chemicals you consume, the more happy you’ll be sitting on the couch and skirting your natural human need to move, your need to accomplish great things and your need travel the high seas. Reject the fake chemical versions of life inside the sedative illusion and unslave. Make a break over the prison wall. You’ll be glad you did. Protect yourself, you’re being enslaved by some very ancient human farmers who use various sedative pleasure chemicals to make you feel happy, when in fact you’re extremely miserable. Become adventurous again. Start with the 3 min video below.