Here in my community we’re awash in “anti bullying day” propaganda, where the adults believe that the children should be the focus of anti bullying indoctrination. In the same community today, I know of a nurse who’s being bullied by extremely CORRUPT local government authorities to take a flu vaccine, which isn’t proven to increase immunity or resistance to disease in real world populations. The same vaccine also comes with the side effects of death or permanent injury. In the same community parents are bullied every day by a tyrannical government, who hires the most compliant order takers, in order that those reflexively obedient foot soldiers continue to bully uninformed parents to vaccine poison their own children. The insane adults of our era love to deflect from their own clinical insanity by focusing on the children, making the children believe that it is them who have the bullying problem. The children experience tyrannical bullying based control from the very first day they’re conceived in this world, via an extremely inverted and corrupt medical, science and government system of trauma based mind control. The children are learning violence, coercion and the misuse of power from every corrupt institution in our society……and today there isn’t a science, medical and government institution that’s not rotten at its’ very core. Morality has left the building and now a great darkness hangs over our society because so many gain employment inside the darkness and simply look the other way because they profit from our collective misery and enslavement. The solution is to reject all government tyranny and to recognize propaganda when we see it. The adults of our community need to check themselves in regards to them participating in and fortifying an existing govenrment based power structure that’s coercive, inverted, eugenic and immoral on every level. The children aren’t the problem. The children are simply mimicking the environment and the adults that surround them. If the meat is rotten, don’t blame the maggots. The children are broken because the world they live in is broken. Fix the world and stop blaming the kids.