A friend of mine tells me last week that she has to attend a “vaccine seminar” at the local health unit, as to avoid slave master trying to inject documented vaccine poisons into her child. She attends the seminar and of course there’s no verified research to back any government claim made during the presentation……..just the usual vaccines are good, your child will die without the vaccine poison, hail science, poison is health, health is poison, hail to the fuhrer. Many fear based vaccine lies are fired into the audience at the presentation……..none of which change the mind of anyone in attendance, all parents being well aware that the govenrment lies as hard as it can about vaccines. One whooper lie was that tabled by the corrupted institution was “vaccines don’t cause Autism……….that’s just a coincidence.” Now below is a video that demonstrates just how far a government will go to keep vaccine poisoning the children, regarding the guaranteed and verified science PROVING that vaccines are DIRECTLY related to the brain damage classified as Autism………which of course is really “vaccine induced brain damage” in most cases.

Here at this added link we have all the evidence anyone would need to prove vaccines can and do cause Autism, 100% verified, proven and already admitted to by many world governments. Yes most governments admit legally that vaccines can cause the brain damage known as Autism and simply avoid telling the public. They already know vaccines cause brain damage, it’s the public that doesn’t. https://bit.ly/2FDVS2C

At this added link we have over 150 medical doctors and PhD scientists testify that everything that was told to my friend, inside the government health unit regarding vaccines, was an outright bold faced lie…..purposely fabricated to scare my friend into injecting documented poison into her child. https://bit.ly/2pmDzYp

The big questions to ask here are a) why is the government so interested in vaccine poisoning the children when vaccines aren’t proven to increase immunity or resistance to disease in real world populations b) why are so many people willing to lie for a pay cheque c) why does lying about anything garnish anyone in our society a well paying job…….and what kind of society is that anyway and d) why do so many lie to themselves, vowing a motivation based on deep child care, while at the same time being employed to promote the poisoning of children. These questions are easier to answer for me but those exact answers are what make most people shut down because the answers are literally too bizarre to accept. We’re living inside a lie based control grid, where people are rewarded, supported and promoted…….to poison everyone back into the stone age, starting with children in the womb or just arriving out of the womb. Nothing works the way we think it does.