The stories of high ranking pedophile rings….within government, religion and big business, riddle the news today but these stories are often purposely hidden from the public at large. Child sacrifice is also commonly reported within the pedophile rings, run by the ruling 1%. Learn more about high ranking government and big business pedophile rings in your country at this added link.

Who are these people and where exactly is this darkness coming from? Well, if you really want the answer, you’ll need to go into our ancient past to learn about what’s now marketed as “myth”, when the reality is not that at all. There is an ancient cult, which survives to this day and this cult was not only a master of psychological manipulation of the human psyche (through fear, pain and trauma), they were experts in slavery. Sailing from land to land, enslaving each group of humans as they went. This cult now calls the UK its’ home base and it has infected all commonwealth nations and beyond with its’ occult form of savagery, immorality and perversion. If you live in a former commonwealth nation or a country currently being invaded by Israel or the US, you’re right in the middle of this cult. All forms of child abuse can be traced back to this psychopathic group, which rules over us, to this very day. Learn about this ancient group of savages by watching the video at this added link below. Remember that your mind is like a parachute, it will only save your life when it’s open. Watch to the end in order to start understanding that certain historical groups who molest and sacrifice children, are indeed operating in and around you, as we speak….inside government, religion and big business. This cult understands that these organizations have always provided the best disguises for their child sex and child ritual murder operations.

More information on this cult and the tricks they use to bring us on board with their sinister cult activity, at this link.