Immediately after the Gardasil shot, a young lady lay dead on the floor of the doctor’s office. Her two brothers shocked, they started to investigate Gardasil (the HPV vaccine) after their sister’s funeral. Today those two brothers are making a documnetary regarding Gardasil, in order that they share their findings with the world. Click here to view the short trailer for the documentary. You can also support their cause by donating money toward the expenses, relating to the production. I’ve already donated. True charity work is about making sure your efforts produce societal benefit. Click here for more information regarding the gardasil shot.

If you would like to know what force drove the child into believing vaccines were healthy, you may want to consider my LEVEL 1 TRAINING being given March 6th. The same force that manifested the child’s arrival at the doctor’s office is also the same force that manifested the vaccine itself. That same force also manifested the doctor’s role in the system plus the doctor’s reaction to blame the child’s fear of needles for causing her death. If you’re interested in learning about this one force, how to indenitfy it and how to avoid it…….than my LEVEL 1 TRAINING is something that will interest you. Call 932.4766 for free registration. This is only the second time I’ve given this talk.