Within the Orwellian control grid you’ll only be given rights in the areas that don’t count and in the areas that will continue to leave you bewildered, confused, perplexed, dis-empowered and unable to judge right from wrong, up from down and right from left.

So as all your real and self evident rights are taken away, our human farmers will stand up on the podium (like in the Hunger Games) and say…… “Please, calm down and look around. Why the long faces? Do we not provide you everything you desire? Maybe it’s time you embraced all the different cigarettes we offer, all the different alcohols, all the different movies, all the different government jobs and all the genders you can be. You can now be one of over 70 genders. Is that not enough for you? Your freedom of choice (in the areas that don’t count) is massive and never ending. We worked hard to provide you these meaningless and worthless freedoms of choice. What about the never ending choice of Universities and Colleges we’ve built, where you learn only what we want you to learn? Do you know how long it takes to build such a system of tyrannical control…….which looks, smells and moves like real freedom? Is that not enough? Why all the rebellion? What about the 100 flavors of ice cream, the 75 flavors of coffee and the endless supply of toxic medications and poisonous vaccines that we provide to you inside the slave camp? Are you not happy with the already 40 different kinds of toxic vaccines we provide at no charge, with 300 more in the pipeline? What about your grocery stores, where we limit real food and artificially discount chemical sugar based concoctions that tranquilize you to your pain? You are also free to cheer for any sports team you want, ride internet porn all day and get any plastic surgery you desire. Who needs more freedom of choice than that? You have all the freedoms you could ever ask for and you should be thanking us for giving you so much unlimited choice, in the areas of freedom that guarantee your physical, mental and spiritual dysfunction. There are free donuts, fluoride laced beer and GMO french fries for every slave on the way out, as long as you take our newest toxic shot in the arm and submit to the new RFID chip in your hand. Remember……slavery is freedom, freedom is slavery. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Freedoms in the areas that don’t count are expanding because freedoms in the areas that do count, are dwindling down to nothing. Don’t speak the truth though because truth is very bad inside the control grid. People who speak the truth are bullies, unfair, don’t want equal rights for everyone and disrupt the fake freedoms everyone loves and enjoys. Freedom is sedation and distraction. Distraction and sedation is freedom. Anyone who tries to speak the truth about the chemical sedation and media distraction is anti-freedom and a threat to the hedonism gone wild control apparatus that plasters fake smiles on the faces of the slaves. The first class, 5 star ride into the abyss continues. Destroy their land. Destroy their culture. Destroy their identity and even destroy their gender. Make them so confused that they beg you to enslave them, in order to add some sort of structure to their perpetually chaotic day. Take away everything a person has and then sell them back your versions of what was stolen and destroyed. That’s just chapter 1 in the hand book of ruling family take over. It’s happening and of course if you want to fight this tyrannical system, you first need to get healthy and reject all lobotomizing poisons delivered into the slave camp by our dark overlords. Those poisons are…..a) vaccines b) fluoride toothpastes, fluoride based meds and fluoridated water c) coffee and all caffeine products d) alcohol e) nicotine f) all medications, prescribed and over the counter g) mercury teeth fillings h) narcotics, including marijuana i) junk food, processed food, sugar, wheat flour, pasteurized cow’s milk etc) j) wireless communication devices that stay within 3-5 feet of your body and k) non organic GMO pesticide laced food or food products.