There has come a time in our society right now where there are immoral and evil people, who no longer want to be judged as immoral and evil. They desire that their immorality and evilness can be advertised in a way that makes them seem normal, noble and perfectly functional. This inversion is well underway where liars want to be seen as honest, medical poisons advertised as healthy and a completely barbaric culture advertised as highly evolved and cutting edge. Click here to read the article associated with the image above.

That article is a prime example but it’s happening everywhere, straight across the board. A society where truth no longer matters, a post truth era where people tell what ever lie is needed, to gain favor with slave mater. It’s not coming, it’s already here and our communities are being destroyed by this orchestrated inversion…..where government and media are teaming up to tell us that black is white, up is down and left is right. In some ancient texts this is known as “The Rise of The Quillopath” (pronounced Kill-O-Path) where the darkest of demons demand they walk out in the open, unharrassed and unjudged by other moral and ethical humans. How a demon demands their time in the sun and their time on the throne. It’s time to start paying attention to this agenda, the mainstreaming of demonic and evil activity. As usual………the children are ALWAYS the target.