There are phrases in our society you can utter like “magic words” to verbally prove your sanity, worth, value and kinship to the others around you. These phrases are like passwords, codes or keys that literally help you navigate our corrupted culture. It’s all about telling the right lie to the right people at the right time, in order so you can move unmolested through the mind field that our society has become.

Can you tell the right lie to gain acceptance with the zombie hoards, as to avoid attack, as you travel through the nightmare? Most of these phrases are known as “slave talk”, where insane people try to sell their collective insanity as sanity, to other insane people. Our first lie we often use, to gain favor with the punishing forces who govern us, is that Christopher Columbus discovered America. We’re rewarded for that lie on every psychological level imaginable and thus starts our journey to bigger lies, inside a never ending audition that grades our ability to lie without resistance or question. Tell your lies, collect your points. The best liars are promoted to the top, where even more complex and larger lies await them. Live those lies like they’re the truth and you magically rise to the top of our lie based system. “Your vote counts” is just another lie we learn early inside our lie based control grid. If you think that voting for the people who will govern you without your participation in anyway is freedom, you’re actually lying to yourself and are engaging in something called auto-hypnosis, the clinical term for self delusion. When you wait in line to vote for the people who govern you without your consent in anyway, instead of insisting on voting for the laws that govern you, you’re simply trying to convince yourself that your insanity is sanity. Having hundreds of other insane people around you, doing the same thing, helps fortify such an illusion based existence.