Fluoride will make you have less cavities regardless of what you eat.

Vaccines will make you disease free regardless of what you eat or how you live. Eat a pizza, drink a beer, take a vaccine and disease will not enter you. Are you sick right now? No problem! Just inject health into you and your children, with poison no less.

The length of your education determines how smart you are, regardless of how incompetently you live your life and regardless of how many life failures you hand craft into your life, based on that incompetence.

Picking a new person every 4 years, who rules you without your consent or participation in anyway, means you’re free. You can vote for the person who doesn’t listen to you, who makes the laws that govern you, but you’re not allowed to vote for the laws themselves. This means you’re free. You just get told what to do every day and can’t change that. Freedom means someone else is in control of you at all times and unilaterally makes the laws that govern you. Slavery is freedom. Everyone knows that. If you say slavery isn’t freedom, you’re too smart and need more vaccines and fluoride.

The more you take toxic medical drugs, the healthier you’ll be. Taking one drug with 60 side effects means you’re healthy. Taking 3 drugs with 180 side effects means you’re three times as healthy. Taking no drugs and being truly healthy means you’re not healthy. Being healthy also means you’re weird. When you get sick because your doctor tells you to eat poison, it’s your fault because you have bad genes. What gene does a person need to have, in order to eat poison and get healthy? Medicine can’t find that gene right now but they promise they’re trying very hard to find it so they can inject that into you as well so you can be healthy, regardless of what you eat. There’s a charity drive on right now to find the gene that makes you healthy when the medical system poisons you. Eat a donut, drink a pop and make a donation…….and that’s all you really need to do to try and fight disease. Making yourself sick with bad food and toxic medications……. and supporting charities that make other people sick, means you’re doing your part to make everyone healthy.

Gambling is bad except when the government organizes it. Fluoride can kill you if you take too much and that’s why the caring government limits how much fluoride poison I get. The government told me that although a big dose of poison can kill, a little bit of poison is good for me. Poison is poison only when someone else, other than the government, gives it to me. When the government talks about poison or gives me poison, the magic powers of the government makes the poison safe. The government protects me and cares for me by giving me poison. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll take all the poisons the government tells you to take.

The government says to not drink and drive but it’s OK to drink because slaves who kill themselves and take away tax revenue from their slave masters are bad slaves but a drunken slave, on their time away from their slavery, helps the slave forget how much of a slave they really are. Please get drunk, so you can’t figure out what’s going on, but don’t kill yourself because we need your soulless body back at the job you hate Monday morning. Thank you for following your orders. The ruling families, who masquerade as separate and altruistic governments, thank you for your incompetence and mental self destruction with alcohol, junk food, medications, marijuana, narcotics and all the other eugenic modalities they pump into your communities. Always remember that the bigger a human mess you are, the more your social engineers love you. May the odds be ever you in your favor.

Supporting the troops means sending them off to die, in a war that was orchestrated using internally planned false flag events. Supporting the troops has always been about separating fathers and mothers from their families and weakening our society here at home, in order to make life long enemies abroad. Killing people in other lands, based on fabricated false flags events, and having those people vow to kill us no matter what it takes, makes everyone here safer. Supporting the troops is not about having them stay home safe with their families. That’s not support. Supporting the troops is about sending your neighbors off to die, paying them slave wages for the benefit of the 1%, injecting the soldiers with toxic vaccines and other drugs, so that they can return home complete emotional cripples based on the horrors they process through their minds and the toxic chemicals they process through their bodies. That’s support and I support that.

Government health officials are hired because they’re smart, even though they can’t make anyone healthy. As a citizen, your sickness is always your fault. The fact that no patient has ever gotten healthier inside the cut, poison and burn medical system has nothing to do with the fact that the most incompetent people of our society are hand picked from the population, told they’re smart and are paid to poison the public. The fact that doctors can’t see that no one gets better from their poisons means they’re smart and it’s the patient’s fault for not reacting better to the poison. When you’re sick, you need more poison. When the poison makes you more sick, additional poison is the answer. Everyone knows that. Compliance is acceptance and I want everyone to like me. I would rather be poisoned to death by my doctor and have everyone at the hospital like me,  than to reject the poison and live my best life. Perpetual sickness means I won’t be hated for trying to live a better life and I think that’s a good trade off. Why stand out when you can be one with the dysfunctional herd? There’s safety in numbers and I need to feel safe.

If you’re looking for a job where guaranteed raises are provided, regardless of any other factor, you’ve come to the right place. Do you want to work in health care and get raises, even though all the patients are made more sick by toxic drugs and butchering surgeries? Do you want to work in the education sector and get raises even though the students are less capable now than they were 10 years ago? Do you want work in a system of organized failure and not have any personal repercussions tied to your income or status? Do you want to conduct immoral and unethical directives for the ruling 1% and then just shrug your shoulders and say, “I’m just doing my job” or  “I’m just trying to pay the bills“. Disconnect from that little voice in your head and that gut feeling. Live a care free life today.  If all that sounds good to you ladies and gentlemen………you’ve come to the right place. Get up in the morning, get paid to make things worse and go back home frustrated each and every day from your job inside the tyrannical ruling pyramid………but don’t you worry, there’s only one place on earth where you can turn failure into success and that’s the biggest fantasy based theme park in the world………….GOVERNMENT. And you don’t need to worry, when you come home and start thinking deeply about this elaborate con job, that same government (government = ruling families) have already made sure to provide you every form of pain killing, distracting and sedative SOMA that any deep thinking person could ever want. Thinking about how meaningless and repetitive your life really is……..have a coffee! Thinking too hard about why your government job seems to make things worse and constantly fails the public………have some wine! Have some junk food. Jam it in there. Too fat? Don’t worry, keep eating, have a gastric bypass…all paid for by the government. Brush with fluoride toothpaste. Turn on the ball game. Internet porn is unlimited. Ride facebook all day at work, to escape from your pain. Inject a toxic vaccine that destroys your brain and nervous system. The choices to lobotomize yourself are unlimited. Turn up the fantasy and brain damage, while at the same time turning down your reality.  Just get really messy, addicted and sedated because you know what…….you’ll never be fired because when you fail, the society fails………..and that’s the government’s stated directive. You do what we say and we provide you a nice comfortable illusion to live within. Lets gets started…………

Welcome to the magic land of government, a fantasy land where reality doesn’t exist. Come one, come all. Leave your worries behind. Live your worst life without judgement and attack anyone who wants to react and see the world as it really is. Be a child for a lifetime. Never grow into a contributing adult. Become a child based burden to all of society from cradle to grave. Get drunk, high, unhealthy and watch TV on your time off from the job you hate. Eat bad, get sick, take medical poisons, get more sick and blame your genes. Never speak your mind because we control your income, your pension and your thoughts. You say what we want you to say. Think only of yourself and what benefits you. Forget everyone else. Leave self direction and personal responsibility behind. Step into a new cozy life based on learned helplessness and reflexive obedience to corrupted authority. This indoctrination based existence is only a couple lies away for you and your loved ones. All this can be yours as soon as you stop thinking. Come visit the most elaborate fantasy based theme park in the world. Come visit GOVERNMENT today. Some conditions apply. See your local dictator and poison distribution center for full details. Watch the video below for more information and come join the coolest cult on the planet……..government.