Inside Ontario last week a child was brought into a hospital and given the MMR vaccine. The child with no history of seizures. immediately started to have seizures. The staff (both nurses and doctors) all put forward a massive amount of energy into denying that the seizures had anything to do with the vaccine.

Below is a very small portion of the vaccine insert for the MMR vaccine, given to the child. The legal insert is produced by the vaccine maker’s legal department in order to warn parents and other related parties to what the vaccine has been proven to do within clinical trials and within post marketing experience, which means what the vaccine HAS ALREADY done to children once the vaccine was approved for use on an uninformed public. So the vaccine maker admits legally that the vaccine in question can and has caused seizures, the child receiving that vaccine seizures immediately after injection…………and the staff on duty blame anything but the vaccine. What’s going on here? Does this sound like an altruistic institution who cares deeply for the children?

What you have going on here is a society that continually places “self” as the top priority, at the expense of anything that can’t defend itself. How many people involved here are really thinking of the child, given there’s absolutely no evidence what so ever that vaccines do anything closely related to what they’re advertised to do. Everyone involved in this situation (including the parents) are using the child to gain personal benefit for themselves, with ZERO care for the defenseless child. The parent, by giving the child the vaccine, releases their personal pain and tension they experience when they disobey the herd and reject compliance with their orders from the collective.

Doing what is moral, just and right in our society for a child comes with pressure and blow back (because we’re taught to believe that treating our children like absolute shit and offering them as sacrificial tribute to science is all part of a normal life and helps our children become better) but if you just do as your told and vaccine poison your child, you relieve this pressure for yourself. Benefit to self, no benefit to the child. Do as your told and comply….and you get a pat on the back. Protect the child from science and medical sacrifice…….. and the cult comes knocking, wearing many disguises and authority based costumes. We’re poisoning our children to gain favor with a cult. Plain and simple. Period. End of story. No debate because again vaccines have never been proven in any way, shape or form to do what they are claimed to do. Again ZERO benefit for the child, all the benefit to  the people who simply do as they’re told. Weakness and self serving behavior en masse……at the expense of anything that can’t defend itself, including the children. This is how our inverted and perverse society rolls, day in and day out.

The nurses and doctors in this case are thinking of one person and one person only as well……themselves. Again there’s ZERO proof vaccines do anything other than hurt and destroy everyone they’re injected into (proof of that claim linked below) and even though the vaccine insert clearly states that the vaccine triggers seizures, the hospital staff decide to lie to the parents, abusing their authority and couldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves and how the idea of poisoning children for a living may affect them on a financial and ego based level. The ego is the part of us who believes we’re smart and great people, so the ego is pre-programmed to reject anything that proves us dumb and evil people. This is why most people today are text book ego manics, letting their ego based dream visions of themselves, interfere with the harsh reality that our culture conditions many people to be stupid and evil.

The hospital staff in this case don’t want to look in the mirror at what they’ve truly become so again they throw the child under the bus, lie to the parents, don’t read a vaccine insert, ignore the vaccine debate………and for what. Why do all that? The answer is simple………..BENEFIT TO SELF, NO BENEFIT TO THE CHILD inside a cult that advertises this as normal operation. Insanity sold as sanity. Evil disguised as care. This is how our death cult operates. Attack the weak, protect self at all costs, do as your told, never review your orders based on morality, ethics or human rights, support the agenda of your tyrannical overlords, blame the victim, take advantage of the weak, keep lying to yourself about how you’re helping people and distract yourself from ever looking closely at exactly what’s going on. How can you say you’re helping anyone, when the public are sick because you’re giving them poison in the mouth and under the skin? Think about it. Obey. Comply. Sedate. Lie. Repeat. One thing’s for sure. Humanity is waking up and anyone bullshitting themselves to this extent in the near future will feel the full wrath of everyone they’ve lied to and hurt………in order to protect themselves and their shallow North American lifestyle of stuff, fun and “look at me”.
When more people awaken to the truth of our world, the conventional medical system will be wiped from the face of the planet overnight. The planet earth……..truly a mental asylum for some other planet in the Universe. At this added link over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists explaining why vaccines 1) are not safe 2) are not effective 3) don’t improve immunity and 4) destroy the health of each and every person they’re injected into, regardless if that damage is obvious on the day of the injection. So the evidence is there of course, we just need to get the people in charge, who are trapped in a permanent satanic childhood, to think of someone other than themselves for a couple seconds.