As a health, self sabotage and exercise coach…….I always check a client’s posture and skeletal alignment before we start any sort of exercise. Before we start on the gym floor, we also review diet and hopefully self sabotage……if the client is brave enough to walk that path. Investigating self sabotage isn’t for everyone of course but it does strike at the heart of why we live contradictory lives….with one part of us wanting to hire a health coach and yet another part of ourselves wanting to drink wine, eat cake and consume take out.

Regardless, there’s a brand new skeletal and muscular deformity I’m seeing in a growing number of clients, which is caused by cell phones and the cancer causing radiation they emit in 3-5 second pulses. I can tell now which side of the body the person carries their cell phone on, as the body bends around that area like it would bend around any severe injury or pain zone. The body literally tries to “hug” or “protect” its’ injured areas and cell phone tissue damage is no exception. Some people who have been carrying their cell phones in their same pants’ pockets for years, are now deformed beyond belief…..literally cooking their tissues with microwave radiation, without their knowledge.

Not only are cell phones proven to cause cancer and many other diseases, they’re also proven to make people fat. In this added link Olympic Coach Charles Poliquin discusses many fat burning secrets, including the verified fact that carrying a cell phone reduces your fat burning hormones by 30%. Cell phones are extremely destructive and should be avoided like the plague, unless someone wants to invite cancer and a guarantee premature death into their lives. Fitbits are just as dangerous. It also appears baby monitors are some of the most dangerous radiation emitting devices measured to date. Smart meters, wifi routers, Ipads, wireless laptops, smart TV’s and even electrical cars all fall in this “highly dangerous radiation emitting” category. If people only knew the history of who really runs their society, this sort of information would never come as much as a surprise. Our governments are not our governments and nothing works the way we think it does. Each items we’re given (as slaves to this invisible control system) is designed to dis-empower us, across all spectrums, no exceptions. You can’t farm lions, only lambs. Time to connect the dots and protect yourself going forward. Quiet weapons for silent wars.

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