I’ve come across many stories like this. The super perverts inside the Catholic Church and of course those perversions aren’t segregated to one sect of “religion”. The foundational issues are always the same. Where ever there’s a structure where you can call yourself a sinner, repent and ask forgiveness….and then start your immoral behavior all over again, that’s going to act as a lightening rod for the most immoral and unethical of the human herd because the structure itself condones immorality as completely normal and natural. “You’re a walking shit down, but don’t worry about, you’re forgiven, just give me 200 hail mary’s, hit the collection plate and pledge your loyalty to the parish.” It only makes since if you don’ think about it. I’ve even had people come up to me and say “but our church is different” yet I know for a fact there are a number of sexual abuse cases involving that location. It’s all part of normal operations down here on planet mental asylum.

As for people who are moral and ethical, and who never falter far from center, they have no need for such a structure of going into the immoral ditch on a regular basis and then hitting the reset button. The weakened and damaged human psyche loves this sort of selective and subjective morality bullshit based system. Sister Keri Burnor gives an inside account of this behavior, as an entire monastery is nothing but a covet of “hedonists gone wild” who continually rape and bugger the local community (and each other)…….and then of course hit the confession booth, in order to convince themselves that they’re good people and people of God, only to have their cocks rock hard again looking for their next victim, as soon as they exit the confession booth. I went to a Catholic School and I can tell you first hand that this sort of “stick it here and stick it there” activity combined with “I’m still a good person if I pray” attracts psychopathic personalities like no other rotten bait in our extremely corrupted society.