A budget rolls out today in Canada, and it’s obvious that the middle class business owners are now the targets. Saying that, the lower classes have always been the target, pulverized into dust by a relentless attack of low wages, health disrupting night shifts, poisonous food, toxic medications/vaccines and morally absent media influences……..which humans are PROVEN TO MIMIC. These perverse and inverted media influences provide negative role modelling that highlights the destruction of the family unit, family values, marriage, morality and ethics…….ushering in an era of ultra violent, self serving, hedonism and self destruction. This of course is a planned agenda that most people don’t see coming.

Look at your towns. Big box stores as far as the eye can see, minimum wage jobs the only occupations available for many, the profits being sucked out of the towns and into corporate bank accounts already containing hundreds of millions of dollars, the children’s creativity being destroy and their very souls being used to power the obliteration of our once amazing culture. Independent business owners, who used to spent their profits in the town, struggling against a society hypno programmed to shop price, as their communities burn to the ground around them. The Canadian government sells the liquor, promotes poisonous vaccines for free, builds and runs the casinos, monopolizes job opportunities based on “read your script or else“, runs “rehab” clinics that provide free drugs, runs “safe injection sites” for drug addicts, funds and supports a health care system that only uses cutting, burning and poisoning, is implementing the coast to coast sale of marijuana this summer and controls how the media reports daily events. Click here to read a related article, as a testament to my extreme frustration with people who see their communities being destroyed by government/big businesses policies, and do nothing other than try to get on side with the tyrant.

Such a lack of care and long term vision, it’s really unbelievable we’ve made it this far. If you want to fight the system at its’ very core……first avoid the state sponsored poisons. Those poisons are…..a) vaccines b) fluoride toothpastes, fluoride based meds and fluoridated water c) coffee and all caffeine products d) alcohol e) nicotine f) all medications, prescribed and over the counter g) mercury teeth fillings h) narcotics, including marijuana i) junk food, processed food, sugar, wheat flour, pasteurized cow’s milk etc) j) wireless communication devices that stay within 3-5 feet of your body and k) non organic GMO pesticide laced food or food products.