Everyone wants to stand out but inside our society of sameness, people are forced to “purchase” their differences, as was always the design of the system. As our children are processed through a conditioning structure where job focus is the primary objective, internal creativity and uniqueness are cremated on the psychic level. This leaves the child’s soul gutted like a fish on a wharf, yet that spiritual need to be different remains. This is when our social engineers step into the picture to sell us man made versions of what was stolen from us.

Working a different meaningless job than your friends, which you don’t enjoy….doesn’t satisfy the inner desire for self expression or creativity. That’s when our human farmers roll up again and say, “don’t worry about your natural talents that set you apart, you can be different with your car, your tattoos, your clothes, your house, your plastic surgery, your hair, your piercings, your make up, your body, the name of drink you sedate with every weekend………..your stuff”. Now even your gender. Pick from over 70 new genders and be different in ways you’ve never imagined. As the real freedoms are reduced, the fake freedoms (in the areas that don’t count) are pumped in. A never ending message of “ram some materialism into the hole in your chest, where your heart used to be……….and you’ll be perfectly fine, we promise.”

After the consumption cycle leaves you empty and depressed, our social engineers show up AGAIN to pump in the wine, the meds, the anti depressants, more sugar, more coffee, more drugs, more of what keeps you being LESS……so you don’t feel how empty and lost you really are. Your body tries to warn you about the con job so our human farmers step forward to destroy your connection to TRUTH with toxic chemicals. The average human is then set as a rat in a cage, running and running and running in circles………..trying to buy back what was stolen from them decades prior and then sedating to their pain when they find out it was all one massive load of lie. But because what we crave isn’t material, we never stop purchasing our way into the abyss. What we crave is our original selves and to find that, we need to stop running east looking for a sunset. Get healthy, develop your unique talents, lead by example, be moral, reject the poison and unslave.