A post about the circumcision has got me into facebook jail for 24 hours. I’ll be back tomorrow June 20th at 3:00 pm. Not only does facebook want to block the truth about our collective darkness, but most people as well have no interest looking into their own personal darkness. You can also see what facebook was intended for, a full brain control lock down mechanism, where of course it starts with blocking pictures of infants getting circumcised. Heaven forbid people actually comes face to face with their own demonic belief systems and actions. We can anticipate that facebook will first get every person on the planet addicted to their product and then facebook bans will come into play for any and all questioning of the consensus trance. With people becoming addicted to facebook, in conjunction with most people wanting a nice cozy jail cell inside the illusion, the masses themselves will demand the censoring of information that exposes their dark and demonic sides. Anyone with their incomes tied to social media will fall right in line as well and start belting out the lies, to win favor with the internet gatekeepers of truth. I’ll be back tomorrow. Not a bad record. This is my first facebook ban, so not bad considering how I write and what I write about. Power to the people.