About Jason Christoff

Jason started Physical Limits Fitness in 1994 at the age of 24. He has written over 1000 health articles, with hundreds appearing in many newspapers across Canada. Jason has been interviewed recently by several US radio stations regarding his principles on healthy living. Jason was also invited to speak on health topics on The CBS Morning Show and also appeared briefly on the Dr. Phil Show featuring fitness trainers from across North America. Jason is currently writing a book tabulating the steps that he used to lead a healthy and addiction free life. Jason specializes in exercise coaching, functional stretching, self sabotage, healthy living principles, overcoming addiction, weight loss, healing while facing a health crisis and small business start up consulting. Jason believes that health is about developing habits based in self love and self respect, as a way to propel one through life in a successful way.

What I Ate Today………….

Many people often stop myself or my wife, simply to ask us what we eat. The belief must be, "if we can eat like them, we can be healthy (or in shape) like them." Unfortunately, mimicking what a healthy person eats doesn't work because it leaves out "how they think!". How we think (as a [...]

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A Story of One Man In Need Coming to See Me For Help…………..

So a couple of months ago, a man comes into to see me with massive back pain on his left side, sacral area of the spine. The medical system declared that he had a herniated disc, bulging out to his left side, impacting a nerve that runs down his left leg. He's very young and [...]

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Insider Weight Loss Secret – One of The Biggest

What determines our addiction to junk food? The answer to that question is.......our parents. As children, we were at the mercy of these larger humans called parents. The child mind realizes instantly that these larger humans are in control of us. The size difference invokes a fear response and various psychological coping mechanisms. The power [...]

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Slave Code – The Secrets Hidden In The English Language

Can you see with the eyes you have? The mind is useless , if the eyes are blind. Are you missing anything regarding the words you use on a regular basis? Lets take a look.......... Work week = work weak. Weekend = weakened. So you arrive "weakened" to your "weekend" from your work week, because [...]

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The Trump and Obama Puppet Show – What’s The Real Agenda?

It's easy to see what the objectives of our human farmers are by watching the main stream media. We see Obama back in the picture, trying to divide and conquer the minds of the public, by attacking Trump. Anyone who does the research is aware Trump was selected and not elected for a couple reasons. [...]

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Common Sense Vaccine Questions To Ask Your Doctor…………

1. If vaccines are safe and effective why does it declare, on many vaccine inserts, that each vaccine maker will not guarantee that the vaccine will provide immunity to the targeted disease? How does not providing immunity reflect "an effective vaccine product"? 2. If vaccines are safe and effective why does it declare, on ALL [...]

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The Difference Between Free Will and Freedom

I was talking to a guy last week and he was starting to realize that the government is lying bold faced to the public about vaccines....and many other things. He never researched the vaccine issue personally yet vaccinated his children anyway, on the say so of government officials whose employment is based on societal disease [...]

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Aborted Fetal Tissue Used To Flavor Soft Drinks

Do you think the NHL Stars doing commercials for Pepsi know that Pepsi has used aborted fetal tissue in the production of "the taste" for the drink? So if you can possibly envision a fully inverted and perverse society, would it include celebrities (sell-ebrities) endorsing a market by which unborn children are murdered in the [...]

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The Hidden History of Sexual Education in Public Schools…..

Alfred Kinsey was a man who formulated the idea that infants, as young as 18 months, were sexual beings and could enjoy sexual stimulation. He also had wild orgies with his research staff, encouraged same sex encounters, embraced pedophilia and he also gave himself a circumcision..........with a pocket knife, without anesthetic. So what you say, [...]

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The Doctor Won’t Take Us As Patients Because We’re Unvaccinaed. What Should I Do?

Sometimes I get parents contacting me saying, "I can't find a doctor because my child is unvaccinated. The doctor refuses to take us on as patients, because we don't vaccinate. What should I do?" And this my friends is the beauty of the voluntary holocaust, where people literal beg to be poisoned and if they [...]

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