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The Lies of Vaccination Broken Down For Parents

1. Vaccines Don't Cause Autism - the government and vaccine makers have already admitted legally that vaccines have and do cause Autism. 2. Vaccines Make You Immune - the medical doctor at this added link reviews that the majority of disease outbreaks have been in vaccinated populations, that antibody production from vaccines doesn't mean [...]

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Toxic Femininity

With men under fire of late for toxic masculinity, which is part and parcel of a very well coordinated effort to dispose of the cosmic protector/lion force inside the tribe (so the liberal hyenas can take over the pride land).....someone awakens and asks society to now recognize toxic femininity. Since we're laying blame for societal [...]

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Should Educated People Who Don’t Vaccinate Share Their Knowledge with People Who Do Vaccinate?

If you and someone else are getting chased by a bear, you don't need to run faster than the only need to run faster than the person next to you. Even in the biblical story of the Passover, the moral of the story appears simple. There's an invisible force that comes to kill children [...]

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The Abuse of Special Needs Children

Here's an extreme case of school teachers abusing special needs students. The vast majority of teachers and humans in general, aren't like this but this does represent a constant theme in our society..........which is picking on the defenseless PLUS authority based bullying. How do humans become so evil and soulless? 2 primary reasons. #1 - [...]

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Why Most People Today BEG To Be Sick………

In our society most people literally beg to be sick. On top of that they also beg to be mediocre, enslaved, repressed, indoctrinated, bullied by big brother and poor. In order to reduce the great human spirit/body/mind design to that of its lowest common denominator (eater, order taker, pooper, sleeper, child for life)'re going to [...]

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Medical Doctor Notices Something Odd About The People In Love With Vaccines……

Medical Doctor, Dr. Jim Meheen, reviews his tenure as a medical doctor who speaks openly about vaccination. He pens a beautiful letter below and he's not shy to point out that the people in love with vaccines and medicine ins general.......are obese and sick, with obese and sick children. His letter below. Every once in [...]

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Physician’s Assistant Takes Flu Shot – This Is What Happens Next

My Friend Donna Hildebrand has a story...Her Husband who is a P.A. ~ PHYSICIANS ASSISTANT & Had to receive a MANDATORY FLU VACCINE for work.   STORY FOLLOWS; He walked in healthy. 50 years old, never had any health issues, next day he had severe double vision & he felt very weak. Each day something [...]

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King Kong Sacrifice and The Rise of a Beta Male Society

The metaphors to be found inside our inverted world are completely lost on most movie goers today and that's a shame because if the movies were observed for what they really are (instruments used to hyper normalize our evil culture) we could actually evolve, ascend and progress as a species. Hollywood film is designed to [...]

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The Government Fantasy Land and The People Who Love It

There are general rules in life like the lazy fail, the unmotivated get left behind, the unhealthy die early and people who only pursue personal pleasures don't have as good a life as a person who considers others...........but not in the perpetual fantasy land of government. What government has really turned into is a morality [...]

By |February 7th, 2019|1 Comment

The Speeding Ticket Pre-Crime Agenda ..

In traditional and convention law, there needs to a victim for a charge to be laid. Speeding tickets fall into a category of legality, which was never considered legitimate in our recent past. This most clever trick was based on hyper normalizing pre crime in the consciousness of the public, without the public knowing the [...]

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