Dopamine is an internally generated chemical that provides pleasure in the nervous system. When we use certain unnatural chemicals, this excitatory chemical is released, even though we did nothing to deserve it. This means we can experience pleasure without working to produce it, sort of speak. When we smoke a cigarette, drink a coffee, have some wine, sugar or even some THC……dopamine erupts from the system to say “do more of that”. Dopamine was supposed to be reserved in the human body to be ejected into the brain (and blood) after major life successes were accomplished.

Today, because dopamine producing chemicals can generate pleasure on demand unnaturally, it’s hard for this generation to work or plan on accomplishing anything extensive or meaningful in their lives… regards to what it takes to maintain and grow a society. If you can get the same chemical motivation drinking a pop, smoking a joint and playing a video game, why work for much longer durations to accomplish any major life goal, which will take you much more effort than drinking the pop, rolling a joint and playing a video game? Dopamine was always reserved in the human body as a treat for doing something amazing but now we’re becoming dopamine addicts, demanding chemical pleasure while sitting and doing nothing or when we accomplish very little. Our society is now so addicted to dopamine, in regards to accomplishing nothing, this destructive cycle has taken over our entire culture. Oddly enough pleasure based dopamine release is shown to cancel out happiness based serotonin release, which means the more pleasure based chemicals you ingest………the less happy you can be. Very few people are told that and there’s a reason that truth is hidden from the public.

This would also explain quite a bit inside our chemical dopamine/depression based society. Just ANOTHER reason to be healthy and free of all the sedative, tranquilizing pleasure based chemicals in our society………which are purposely smuggled into the slaves camps by our very ancient and very sinister social engineers. A video below about Hilary and Bill Clinton running cocaine into the United States and abroad for decades. Again, there are the human farmers (often masquerading as our politicians and hiding inside our corrupted institutions of power) and it’s them who pump us full of fake pleasure via caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, wheat, milk, THC, narcotices (like cocaine) and every kind of medical sedative under the sun (opioids, anti depressants, pain killers etc etc) As our lives as debt slaves suck on every level, our social engineers make sure to hack our nervous systems with their fake pleasure based chemicals. For a Clinton (for example) to live the life of luxury that they do, the slaves have to life the shitty lives they do……and that’s what the pleasure chemicals are really for, to keep us disconnected from our shitty existences. Can a society evolve and grow when no one is accomplishing anything great because they’re getting dopamine highs, sitting on the couch doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING important? Look out your window, you tell me. Nothing works the way you think it does. Most people today aren’t happy at all, not even 1%, it’s a chemical illusion based on fake pleasure……..not real happiness.. Reject the fake pleasure chemicals from slave master, make contact with reality and then orchestrate the changes our society needs to survive. Power to the people.