If you don’t think we live inside a well cloaked child abuse cult, you need to watch the 15 second video below. 2 extremely unhealthy looking children, being made to drink poison at a professional baseball game, to the delight of their morally corrupted handlers. If these people are making their children drink poison and advertising it as entertainment for the soulless masses, then who’s running hell? That’s the real question.

The ancient Greek story of Zeus and Kronos is exactly the same. Kronos was the father of Zeus and tried to kill his own son because “as the ancient story goes”, if children are left to grow naturally, it is inevitable that they will find their parents of the day, insane, immoral and unfit to rule. So the unfit rulers, through all of recorded history, have always tried to inflict extreme harm or even death on all the children collectively, to preserve their shallow and self serving tyranny. And this is why to this day we vaccinate the kids (proven to cause them brain damage), destroy their spirit in educational systems based on sameness and compliance, feed them brain damaging fluoride and serve them food not fit for a maggot to consume. At birth some parents actually send their male new borns to get the top of their penis hacked off for such insane lie based reasons, that the insanity should be more than obvious……..but then again, it’s a cult and we love our kids right? That’s part of the mind control. We poison the kids, we hack their penis to bits and then we rejoice by telling the kids we love them…….to make sure the kids know just how clinically insane we really are. The message is clear to any child, regardless of age “we are your parents, we are insane, we control you, do as we say, do the same to your kids, keep the insanity moving ahead, generation to generation.”

Love is pain and poison inside the cult. If you look for it, it’s easy to see. If you like lying to yourself so the insanity doesn’t drown you in an avalanche of guilt, then your eyes will never work correctly.