Addictions are about sedating to one’s pain, tranquilizing oneself to the sting of reality. Addictions are lies. Addictions and the pain killing affects they offer don’t really dull the pain (as many believe)….they make it worse. All trauma tries to exit the body as pain and as it rises up to the surface, it looks for a way to escape. In order for trauma and pain to leave our bodies……we must feel the message, adapt, evolve and change. Addictions block this process, trapping the pain inside of us, to build up and destroy us over a lifetime. Many people today are OBESE and DISEASED with trapped pain, because their addictions don’t allow the pain of their pasts to move out of their bodies. The next time the pain tries to rise up to leave make sure to, feel it…….and don’t grab for the TV, the wine, the meds, the sugar, the junk food, the coffee or the narcotics. Feel the pain and hear the message.

This summer may we all develop the courage to live unsedated, unaddicted and untranquilized lives…….so our pain can move out of our systems. This in turn will help us build a better future. Addictive and sedative substances destroy us. What we do to ourselves, we do to our loved ones and our communities. Be a warrior this summer. Face your pain head on and unsedated. Open the blast furnace door and let the fire consume you. Allow your pain to run you over and then understand that it will back up and run you over again. Feel your pain, dive deep, explore it, invite in it, ask it over for tea, sit down and have a chat with your pain…….and then evolve into something better. Become MORE! Addiction traps us in a permanent childhood, freezing us in a child like existence when the tribe needs true adults in this troubled time. Embrace this natural right of passage. Out with the old, in with the true. One life, one time at bat. Swing for the fences. Explore yourself outside the sedation. Your best life awaits…….