There are times when I want to use my knowledge to really let the business opportunities flow, which would end in me making some pretty big money, to give me a really well decorated life….in short order. The way the system is designed, it’s hard to manufacture the dream life, if you also highlight the slave based control grid. The system is structured where if I were to feed the uninformed victims through the abattoir door and direct them to the ruling elite and the other vampires (for extermination), I would get showered with every form of material wealth you could ever dream of. I had a guy contact me recently about a new YouTube channel regarding how to run a fitness club successfully or how to get healthy or one just on self sabotage…….and the money was just sitting there, a big pile and it had a sign on it that said, “just take me.” And as I went toward that pile of easy money, something deep inside of me said……”if you want that life, you can’t warn anyone ever again about the corruption in the system or how the system destroys children or anything about the mind control technology, which is used to control the slave class and make them less on every level imaginable.”

I then remembered when I was a weak and frail kid in St. John’s NFLD, having injustice done to me….hoping a strong adult would come stick up for me or help me because I was too weak to help or defend myself, as some local bullies laid a beating down on me. My wish was never granted, as various forms of corrupt and immoral street injustice was sent my way daily, up to and including a very cruel and dark school education I received from some mentally deranged Christian brothers, who ran a Catholic school in the area. I remembered how much it sucked to want help but to never receive it. How could I ever turn my back on anyone who needed help?

My own self sabotage coach even asked me “do you think your form of self sabotage is to want super success but also to make sure you never get it, because you refuse to feed the slave class up to the vultures at the top of the pyramid?” He said, “is your push and pull any different than that of your own clients, when you want to have your best life, but you write articles that piss so many people off, you’ll never get there?” He added, “when do you get what you want and stop wearing this massive anchor around your neck?” My self sabotage coach had a point of course but I refuse to turn my back on the uninformed victims of our society and let the medical, science and government bullies rule the school yard. In short, power to the people. I’ll make that pile of money some other way. One life. One time at bat. Swing for the fences……..but stay true to your fire.