Dr. Hyman’s diabetes cure is the same one that Dr. Cousens (highlighted in the blog post below) uses at his clinic. Many other health professionals will also be highlighted in upcoming weeks who use the exact same cure for diabetes.

According to the American Diabetic Association (and other diabetic associations around the world) there is still no cure for diabetes. How can a growing number of medical professionals be curing tens of thousands of patients of diabetes (type II and in some cases even type I) yet the charity representing diabetics avoids telling their members anything about the cure?

The answers to these questions become painfully obvious after attending one of my disease reversal seminars. Only the mind can live a fib, the body can’t and unfortunately everyone on the face of the planet has a mind………so all are equally prone to living a fib here and there.

Medical professionals, charity workers and government officials are equally prone to living fibs. The more distractions in one’s life, the easier it is to ignore the clear communication from the body….that it doesn’t agree with living any fib. The more distractions in one’s life the easier the mind can live an unnatural existance. (distractions are anything that shuts the body talk off or dulls it….like hours of TV, alcohol, processed foods, pain killers, other medications, work addictions, surgeries and other forms of personal crisis etc)

All fibs hurt the the body and that is why the body is programmed to identify fibs and then warn the owner of the body against living them. To the body a fib is anything that will end it’s life early. It should be pretty obvious why the body is equipped with an “early warning system” regarding fibs.

The body’s first warning that a fib has been encountered is PAIN, both mental and physical. Ignore these signals long enough and eventually you get what conventional medicine calls a disease or what I like to call a physical deformation of the body.

Live fibs long enough and your body shape changes to actually warn others that you are living a fib. The body starts giving up on changing the mind and starts to protect the greater good by visually warning others. (obesity, rashes, thinning hair, acne, faulty posture, eyes not set, rotting teeth, cellulite, white complextion, bad attitude etc) That is how dangerous fibs are, the body is designed to tell others about you (to stay back from you) when you ignore truth. What you call “being physically attractive” is based on living truth……..nothing else

As stated throughout my blog posts, (especially the ones dealing with reversing autism) the mind is most easily manipulated by money, fear, advertising and perceived authority. The mind protects it’s own self interest while the body is programmed to place the greater good above all else.

Curing disease means anyone involved within the “disease system” would lose their job. (lose their money or security – so the mind sees a world of sick people and a job dealing with all those sick people as good -yet the body knows the entire society is prone to collapse anyway as soon as half the world is sick so that is much worse than looking for another job)

The mind is the child and the body is the wise adult. I like telling the truth to my clients because I am very in tune with my body and the truth it holds, where many medical professionals I know are living the fib that the entire world can be sick and some how the pleasure in their personal lives will not be affected. This is the difference between a wise man and an academic. A wise man’s truth comes from the inside and an academics’ truth comes from the outside.

A person in tune with nature sees the trade off between money (maybe losing your job) and the chance of having everyone healthy instead……as a great thing or a no brainer. When it comes down to the mind making a decision to let the cure out (most disease cures are exactly the same) or to keep the mind’s source of income (it’s job)……..the mind will side with self interest. In a society based on ignoring body truth and placing self interest as the ultimate business model (capitalism gone wild) we get the situation we have today where both charity and medical system team up to make sure truth is hurried off the stage as fast as possible when it shows up.

Click here or watch the same video below to view Dr. Mark Hyman tell his patients that curing diabetes is easy.


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