The reasons doctors give for wanting to avoid chemotherapy and radiation (if they or their family members ever had cancer) is that it is too dangerous and highly ineffective. We also see this trend with many doctors scrambling to make sure their families and themselves avoid vaccination.

Why cancer starts has been proven to be tied to toxins. Pollution starts cancer. The more toxic the substance, the higher the rate of cancer and premature death. Cigarette smoke is a toxin but so is processed sugary food. The consumption of all toxins are tied directly to cancer. What cancer does to the body is obvious but why the body allows cancer to start or fails to defend against it is highly debatable.

Conventional medical professionals (representing the youngest and least effective medical system in world history), with their “accident” or “chance occurrence” based theories chalk all body reactions/actions up to metabolic mistakes. Making sure the body is seen as a non-intelligent/blundering organism allows for the medical industry to ride in on it’s shiny horse to save the day with their cut, burn and medication options.

On the other end of the spectrum many health professionals believe that cancer is a fungus and that fungi are involved in the death cycle of all organisms. Death occurs to all organisms and when that time comes it is theorized that cancer and many other “changes” associated with the death cycle initiate from within the body.

Life is a circle. One half of the circle is life and the other half is death. You cannot have one without the other. The body is designed to die in a certain way as much as it is designed to live in a certain way. The reason toxins are associated with cancer is that all toxins literally suck the life out of us and start the death cycle much earlier than usual. This built in self destruct mechanism also controls population when our immediate environment becomes toxic. To believe that theory you would also have to believe the body possesses designed intelligence.

Trying to sell North Americans the idea that their health is something they can control or that disease is self imposed is much harder to accept than a theory of blaming the body for it’s general stupidity. The sales pitch for conventional medicine is very slick to say the least. It is well thought out and highly refined.

Taking away self blame for disease (blaming the body for it’s blundering ways and taking focus off the fact the most disease is caused by the patients themselves) acts as an instant guilt relief mechanism. After guilt is relieved the prescription drug pathway from hand to mouth is now lubricated. Doctors use guilt relief (falsely blaming genes or the body in general) to befriend the patient and to make the sale of drugs easier.

One thing is for sure. Simple cures for cancer are available and they are not reaching the general public.


Here is actual video footage of cancer disappearing (cancer being cured on tape), in a matters of weeks with a cheap and highly available therapy. A doctor is doing the curing and the interviewer is one of the world’s leading experts on fungi. Why is this not on your Internet homepage?

There is no money in healthy people and there is certainly no money in dead people…….big profit lies in what is known as the “in between”. People who are not really alive but are not yet dead.


Here is a news report of how a promising cure for cancer was “lost”. Not only was the cure lost but the hospital that lost it was sued and paid a huge fine. The news report on YouTube has also had it’s sound tampered with to discourage viewing. (the disturbances are minor and the report shows how far certain forces will go to keep the population sick) Chance happenings hover around 50%. For 80% of the population to be sick it is hard to fathom that it can be chance.


This short video below not only shows doctors themselves talking about how they cured their own cancers, it shows simultaneously the overwhelming wall of ignorance conventional oncologists place around themselves and the industry of sickness they perpetuate. This ignorance is costing millions of people their lives every year.


Cancer grows off toxins (bad food) and can be reversed with good food, which is involved in the therapy talked about above. Pretty simple. The most simple ideas are the hardest to understand. (especially for people who were told that 7 years of medical school is what is needed to help the sick)

If you think your local hospital cares about your dietary health just take a look at the pop, chocolate bar and chip machines that await you when you enter. All those non-foods are proven to cause cancer. Enter at your own risk. Toxins are the disease and not the cure.