1. Take a Full TV, Movie and Entertainment Screen Break – most people today don’t understand that the human mind is designed to mimic anything they see, as is talked about this added video. https://bit.ly/2GMBWLl As is talked about in this added video, https://bit.ly/2ld4J1c what people are exposed to today makes them mimic unhealthy and immoral behavior, therefore normalizing and encouraging perpetual crisis in their lives.

2. Remove Your Mercury Teeth Fillings – if you have black and grey fillings in your teeth, you’re being poisoned daily, at an extremely accelerated rate. https://bit.ly/2ITaUn2 Get them removed and only by a dentist qualified from the organization at this added link. https://bit.ly/2JqWk6f

3. Get Sunshine – No Block – the benefits of sunshine are immense and this is why our human farmers lie to us about sunlight and also spray aerosols in the sky now, to block the sunlight. Get sunshine on your skin, front and back, no burning, no block though. Increase the exposure time as your skin darkens. Read this book to see how much medicine, science and government are lying to you about the sun. https://amzn.to/2cDBfE4

4. Eat A Healthy, Whole Food, Organic Diet – the best books on this subject are Paul Chek’s “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy” https://amzn.to/2IEcTuj or the book “WHOLE 30”. https://amzn.to/2uVfyxP

5. Stop Bullshitting Yourself – today most people are literally paid to lie to themselves first and then to lie to everyone around them second. The bigger the lies, the bigger the pay cheques. Most people today work in systems designed to be failures and then they look the other way as those failures appear to the left, right and center of them. Tell the right lie, at the right time, to the right person, for the right pay cheque………in order to avoid the punishments that come to anyone who doesn’t support and endorse the lie based control grid. It doesn’t matter if it’s a medical system that destroys health, an education that destroys thinking, a legal system that destroys justice, a food system that destroys nutrition or a governmental system that destroys freedom………..most people today simply bullshit themselves into believing that they’re going to be OK working within the lies, falsely believing that living lies is a safe way to navigate a very chaotic world, especially if everyone else is doing the exact same. Well I got news for those people, there’s something called the The Guilt Complex in psychology, where the natural forces of morality and ethics will destroy any person believing that they can live a bullshit based existence and get off scot-free. If you work inside the lie, you have two choices if you want to be healthy. You can a) destroy the lie from the inside out, becoming a whistle blower of the corruption or b) quit the lie and conduct moral activity on this planet. Health can’t be achieved any other way. A video on the guilt complex below.