1. Get up early. The vast majority of successful people do not sleep in. Successful people get up at least 3 hours before they need to, in order to get organized regarding their daily goals. Step by step, being organized makes our dreams happen slowly but surely. Poor and unmotivated people have been proven to get up just before they have to, leaving them disorganized and chasing the day.

2. Exercise. Successful people have been shown to exercise on a regular basis, simply because it energizes them and keeps their mental/physical faculties sharper longer. In order to move toward success, the body and mind must be in top working order. Successful people understand this clearly compared to unsuccessful and unmotivated people.

3. Read. Successful people will always have a library of books. The more books in your house, the more successful you’ll be. As firm a law, as the law of gravity. Fiction, travel and wine books don’t count. Research shows that the top book categories read by successful people are biographies and “self help” books. Unsuccessful and unmotivated people believe either success is outside their reach because of learned helplessness or believe that success is a chance happening. Successful people know that…..”if you want to earn more, you need to learn more”. When the poor and unmotivated are watching TV or movies, rich and successful people are reading, dreaming and taking action.

4. Don’t Waste Time Watching TV or Movies. Successful people understand that sitting down and watching a screen is the blue print for staying poor, unmotivated and unfulfilled. The statistics are clear……the poor watch much more TV than the rich and that’s not to say that being rich means you’re instantly successful. Saying that, having more financial resources does increase your odds of fulfilling your dreams, living longer and being able to express your unique creativity in the world. Either way you cut it, watching TV instills a fantasy based belief system, which in the end is adversarial to success on all levels. TV in fact has already been proven the most dangerous activity any person can participate in…..if they want to he happy, healthy and satisfied in their life. TV is a misery and stagnation generating technology.

5. Don’t Eat Junk or Take Out. Again the statistics here are clear, the poor consume much more junk food and take out than the rich. Successful people look at life success as a game of inches and also realize that to work hard and to think clearly, you can’t pollute the body and mind with poisons. Often the poor may use junk food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, take out, narcotics, nicotine. pain killing meds etc to sedate to their harsher realities but of course this only makes their reality harsher as they become more sluggish, more diseased and more overweight. Successful people know that if there are problems in life, you go at them head on and you don’t distract or sedate to them because that means that the next day the problem is still there and your polluted mind and body are less likely to deal with those problems effectively and efficiently.

6. Don’t use credit cards. The statistics show that successful people hold 1 credit card on average, rarely use it and always pay off the balance on time, without any interest charges. The poor and unsuccessful are famous for letting their emotions dictate all facets of their life, including their finances. It should come as no surprise as well that junk food and take out food (not real food by the way) over activate the emotional reward centers of the mind and inhibit the rational and logical part of the brain. Being poor, unmotivated and unsuccessful comprises many linked behaviors, as does being rich, motivated and successful. Poor people are shown to often decorate their painful existences and empty lives with emotional based purchases, as opposed to looking at everything purchased as an investment that needs to produce some sort of return, if the money is going to be spent. Poor people end up having their house cluttered with things they don’t need, while successful people have less “stuff”, only purchasing what they need to keep being successful and working toward their end goals, which they document on paper every day by getting up 3 hours earlier than poor and unsuccessful people. What successful people have eventually is more time and more freedom, which was always their goal and they know that in order to get there….they’ll have to be logical and forgo getting caught up in emotion based materialism. The poor are also famous for playing the lottery more than the rich, simply because again being rich is viewed as a chance happening or gamble by the unmotivated, where successful people understand that being “more” and wealthy is about planning and organization.

7. Save. Successful people are savers. At one time motivated people understood that being successful and rich will take a journey of a thousand small steps. Saving was one of those steps. As the money added up, they realized that their savings weren’t for emotional spending but were a weapon to be used and fired in one direction…..to accomplish their long term goals, regarding more freedom and more spare time. The poor and unsuccessful look at money as something to spend (and then some), spending what they have and often living in some form of perpetual debt. The rich and successful don’t decorate an empty life with materialism. They wait until the opportunity is perfect and then they strike in an organized and purposeful way.

8. Never Procrastinate. Rich, motivated and successful people worry as much as other people but they take immediate action to eliminate any problems in their lives, before those problems grow and fester. The poor, unorganized and unsuccessful are famous for trying to make their problems go away by turning on the TV, using sedative junk food and take out (or booze, cigarettes, narcotics, smoking cannabis, pain killing meds etc) in order to sedate or distract from the pressure of simple and complex life problems alike. Like all problems in life, they’ll only grow if they’re not being dealt with and of course waking up hung over, tired or more “messy” doesn’t tip the odds in your favor. Successful people walk into their problems head on, with health and bravery PLUS an action plan. The poor, unmotivated and unsuccessful look away and pretend their problems aren’t there.

9. Don’t Self Sabotage. Self sabotage is easily recognized by the motivated, successful and rich…..as simply a counter productive force that must be avoided if progress is going to be achieved in life. Self sabotage is all about two contradictory belief systems in the mind, going head to head in battle, thus leaving someone unable to make forward progress in their life. The lady who jogs on the gym treadmill every day after work but then goes home and drinks two glasses of wine with her “salad”. The person who’s married but talks up every cute person at their place of work. The person who says they want to own a business but then they go home and watch hours of TV with what little spare time they have. A person divided against themselves will not stand. Self sabotage is about taking one step forward, one step back, one step forward, one step back. Digging a hole and then filling the hole, digging it and filling it. The self saboteur is really busy and may even appear hard working but they’re always working at staying the same because they’re afraid to change. A successful, motivated and rich person gets each part of their personality pushing in the same direction and eliminates the tug of war (the perpetual conflict/self sabotage) that plagues most unmotivated, unsuccessful and poor people. The rich and successful aren’t afraid to change and stand out. Most others are simply afraid of being judged and find safety in stagnation. It’s a trap.

10. Know Patience. Rich, successful and motivated people know that change takes time and that life success is like any long term investment…….the benefits really start to pile up years or even decades after the first step was taken. Like healthy living, healthy eating, a successful marriage union, learning, opening a business, retirement savings, raising healthy children, living a moral existence…….the benefits come tomorrow and not the day you start. In the life of a successful, rich and motivated person…….as the days pass, things get easier. With a non planner…….as the days pass, things get harder. Long term vision, long term planning and a long term outlook is housed in the mind of the successful, motivated and rich person. Poor, unmotivated and unsuccessful people would rather take the wine, TV or junk food that night (to feel good right away) instead of working toward greatness several years down the road. The unsuccessful are drawn toward the immediate gratification and the “in thing of the day”, in order to gain short term emotional stimulation of the nervous system. Short term fun, pleasure and immediate titillation rules the day of the unsuccessful person, as opposed to the the long term happiness, planning and contentment that drives successful people in the opposite direction.

No matter where you are right now, you can change at anytime. Use what you have, do what you can, start where you are. Maybe start with a simple purchase of a book, start exercising on a regular basis or start getting up early to organize your daily goals. You can be more. Don’t be afraid to change. One life. One time at bat. Swing for the fences.