1. Regardless of what you do, you need to be healthy to do it well.

2. Drugs, caffeine, alcohol, junk food and toxic medications are purposely placed into our communities by the people who covertly rule over us. Using them will dis-empower you and guarantee you a life of slavery and perpetual misery.

3. Getting good grades, by repeating what you’re told by authority figures, is very different than intelligence.

4. There’s very little true freedom remaining inside our cultural control grid. Saying that, independence can be partially accomplished through entrepreneurship. The goal is to participate in a cycle of opening businesses, working hard and then selling them at their financial peak. $3-$4 million dollars can buy your freedom into a life where you can explore your true vocation, without distraction.

5. Every cultural hero that will be presented in front of you by the media, will be manufactured by the ruling 1% and designed to give you negative role modelling to mimic, so you become lost and separated from your humanity. All lost souls will be attracted to and find safety inside the corrupt pyramid of control, within government and corporations. Proceed with caution.

6. Just because most everyone else is doing something, doesn’t mean it’s right or moral.

7. Evil always disguises itself in order to get closer to its’ victims. Evil as well has always preyed on children, because they are the weakest physically yet strongest mentally of the human herd. Keep your eyes peeled and never be afraid to call Daddy at anytime if you sense evil around you, regardless of what disguise it’s wearing at the time. Daddy will come straighten the evil people right out.

8. Fear nothing other than an empty and meaningless existence.

9. Don’t help people who refuse to help themselves and don’t interfere with a group of lemmings diving head first off a cliff. Focus primarily on tending to your own garden and direct any external knowledge toward people who have an open mind and who are ready to change.

10. One day you’ll read many of my articles and study what messages I’ve birthed fourth to humanity. Learn from them and let them guide your ship. Read the books from our library, learn from the masters and go fourth to continue the great work. And of course remember…… Daddy always loves you.